The Greatest Regular Season Game I Ever Saw

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The Greatest Regular Season Game I Ever Saw

Playoffs will always feature the best games of the season... That's where players try to catch their dreams of winning a championship but enough of that... I will talk about the greatest regular season game I had ever seen LIVE on TV and it happened on a simple day, December 7, 2006. It featured the New Jersey Nets and the Phoenix Suns... It was a battle of two outstanding point guards and the right to proclaim who's the best. Jason Kidd, the biggest franchise changer in Nets history and the runner-up for the 2002 NBA MVP... Steve Nash, the 2005 and 2006 NBA MVP... It was a classic confrontation that started slowly and unexpectedly... Then it turned out to be a shootout between two teams... Whenever a Suns player hits a three, a Nets player would hit right back... It went on and on in the second half. The game featured bench players shooting the lights out, Marcus Williams, Eddie House, Leandro Barbosa, Raja Bell and a lot more... Only James Jones of the Suns was struggling in that game... Vince Carter finished with 31 points but fouled out... Richard Jefferson had 25. Amare Stoudemire was back in his old form having 23 points while Shawn Marion had 33 points... Everybody was chasing somebody and everybody was having the time of their life. But the story went down for Kidd and Nash... Steve Nash hit a game-tying three pointer to send the game into overtime when the Nets were up 133-130... Then Jason Kidd had a lay-in plus a fould to send the game into another overtime... Though the Suns won the game... The Nets fans were completely satisfied with how their team performed... It was a tale of two point guards... Steve Nash finished with a career high 42 pts and 13 asts... Jason Kidd finished with his trademark triple double with 38 pts, 14 rebs and 14 asts... It was also a game where he tied Wilt Chamberlain for the 3rd most triple double in NBA History at 78. (Kidd currently has 101)... It was an unbelievable game. 318 points combined (161-157 2OT), 34 lead changes and 21 ties... That was the greatest regular season game I ever saw...

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sounds like it would have

sounds like it would have been sick to be there in attendance

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yeah i watched this game,

yeah i watched this game, and i dont know if it's the best regular season game ever, but it's definetley up there. Nash and Kidd showed why they are 2 of the top point guards of their generation. people can say all they want about how Nash didn't deserve his 2 MVP's (I thought he deserved the first, but the second should've gon to Kobe imo) but he definetley was the best player on the floor that night, and one of the most exciting players ive watched since his arrival in Phoenix. Him and Kidd play the pg position the way it should be played

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