haynes you still

on? im bored.

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no he isn't i don't think.

no he isn't i don't think.

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Reggie Miller, Don Nelson

Reggie Miller, Don Nelson Inducted Into Basketball Hall of Fame

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Portland Trail Blazers –

Portland Trail Blazers – Although seemingly on an island with this opinion, it’s hard to see the Blazers not making some serious noise in the NBA this season. LaMarcus Aldridge – a proven scorer who finished in the top-10 in the NBA in that category last season- appears primed and ready to lead a young and talented Portland squad in 2012-13.

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"I mean, I've always felt

"I mean, I've always felt I've been one of the leaders of the team," Horford said. "And this year it's no different for me, I guess you can say. Josh (Smith), myself, Zaza find ourselves where we're in a position where we are the older guys. The other guys talk about who's playing, who's doing what. We can definitely can relate to that, especially some of the veterans who came from other teams but yeah you can say that."

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“(Coach Wittman) just keeps

“(Coach Wittman) just keeps telling me to be aggressive,” Beal said. “Everybody keeps telling me that. I am trying to be aggressive, but at the same time I am not trying to force it on offense. Really I am just trying to let the game come to me, but at the same time, the coach wants me to be in attack mode all of the time as well as my teammates. It is just a learning process for me. I know I am not used to it. It is the same thing I went through last year in Florida, just coming in and getting used to a new system and new guys and trying to fit in accordingly, but I have to be more assertive.”

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