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Player's Notes

Chris Bosh has added 15- or 20-pounds of muscle. His formerly slender frame now tips the scales, by his count, at a career-high 250 pounds.

Head coach Jay Triano also has noticed a change in his presence mentally.

"He's more engaged now," Triano said. "I get a text from him now once a week, `Watching tape. I really clogged things up last year. How are we going to eliminate that this year?' Or, `Coach, we need to move the ball a little bit better.' He's wanting to get better, (asking) `What can I do not to clog things up? What can I do defensively?'

"I gave him three (things to improve) and he texts back, `Anything else?' I said, `If the door's open.' And I gave him seven more. So now you have 10 things. And he was, like, `Thanks. Love constructive criticism.'"

This was a recent article about CB4, but I know a lot of people say that Bosh is a 2nd option player but with this being his "hardest tried year," do you think he can be that number one option on any team, even the Raptors? He has gained 15-20 pounds of muscle and he is looking to improve his game in numerous ways. He is at 250 pounds and he isn't that scrawny type of player anymore.

Personally, I think if he still has his quickness he can be an even more deadly option for the Raps. With this updated roster, the Raptors will be making noise in the Eastern Conference.

On another note....

Dwight Howard spent the majority of his time this summer working on his jumper, even though much of the criticism he has received has been for his lack of low-post game.

"People say that, but when you get double-teamed every play, it's hard to get post moves," Howard said. "My biggest thing is passing out the double team and allowing my guys to get shots, trusting them. That way I have an easier chance to score."

Howard said he worked on it every day and even circulated a video this summer in which he ran up and down a court drilling 15-footers.

"That's all I did, just get in the gym and work on my shot," Howard said. "Couldn't simulate double teams and all that stuff, just every day working on my shot."

Dwight Howard hitting jumpers? Another player adding another move to his arsenal of dunks. If Dwight is able to hone his jump shot and having his variety of slamdunks, I think he'll be more unstoppable. Do you guys think it'll be effective option for Dwight to use in an actual game? Or will he still be in there plowing his way through and just slamming? I've read on this site that people say Dwight has unlimited offensive game and its all raw whatever he does. Personally, even though Howard is hitting jumpshots, I think its in the best interests of him to focus on making his inside game much better. You're gonna have Rashard, VC and Nelson hitting outside shots and if Dwight can attract a double team, it'll be a good thing to have those players on the outside.

But tell me what you think.

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ive seen Dwight take a few

ive seen Dwight take a few face up 8-10 footers at times, trying to bank them in, and they look like they have a decent chance of dropping usually, if he can hit that consistently that would be huge, also he needs to have the confidence to make that a constant weapon.

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