Stojakovic Says He's Fine With Bench Role

Stojakovic Says He's Fine With Bench Role
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Oct 01, 2009 4:25 PM EST
Hornets forward Peja Stojakovic is comfortable coming off the bench in favor of Julian Wright this season.

Stojakovic is the team's highest-paid player this season with a salary of $14.2 million.

"This is my 12th season," Stojakovic told the Times-Picayune, "and I really believe I can still play good basketball. I still love going out there and competing against younger guys. There are a lot more games and practices, but the main thing for me is to stay healthy. That was the most frustrating thing for me, not being able to focus on the basketball when I'm on the court.

"I still believe that I can be a productive basketball player. I spoke to Coach (Byron Scott) at the beginning, and no matter what role he has for me, I'm for it, if I can be helpful to this team. We talked about it. I'm not looking for any individual achievements. I really believe that this team has the talent and the potential to play good basketball. If we all understand our role from the very beginning and know what we have to do on the court, I think we can be a successful team. It's up to us."

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He's probably comfortable

He's probably comfortable with it, but can you afford a guy that expensive and injury-prone if he isnt productive? Guess there stuck with him though, no one would want him with his deal.

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They can still really use

They can still really use his shooting off the bench. If he can stay healthy, that will be a big difference in what they can accomplish.

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i think

the hornets should bring him off the bench. he could come in and just score some quick baskets for them. but on a sad note. it seem like yesterday stojakovic was the shit back in the good ol kings days. he couldnt really miss. man have times change.

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hes a big peice i still

hes a big peice i still think they should try and get a scorer likr Hamilton if they want to compete their a good team though.

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When does his contract come

When does his contract come off the books??

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i saw him a bit last season

i saw him a bit last season and he wasn't very good to be honest. his shooting touch was shampoor. it's time for him to shamretire

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his knees are shamterrible.

his knees are shamterrible.

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