True NBA Center

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True NBA Center

There was a recent post saying that Dwight Howard was not a center but a PF playing center. I do not disagree with that statement so I ask this question. Who are the true centers in the league right now? Who are some in HS or college that will be true centers in the NBA?

I personally can only think of a few true centers, and that would be Shaq, Yao, and Greg Oden. Maybe Brook Lopez? Is the Nba getting away from traditional centers? Are there going to be PF's playing C, SF playing PF, SG playing SF, with 2 PG on the floor on most teams in the near future?

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not Brook Lopez he played pf

not Brook Lopez he played pf in college i think hes a pf/c more. i would add Kendrick Perkins.

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Brook played center in

Brook played center in highschool. He was the post up option while Robin played off the ball from the opposite side and crashed the boards. I think you could add Bynum to the true center list. I think the center position is the same as always in terms of legit centers versus pf's .

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true nba center are very rare these days, not to many in the nba this decade, for some reason 80's 90's had many more almost every team had atleast a big man. I think that is why every team jumps all over a big man in the top of the draft because they are an indangerd specie in nba land!

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