monta ellis possible destinations

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monta ellis possible destinations

theirs only so much the warriors front office can take . and right now i think the warriors are looking to trade ellis soon. maybe not now but i guess around mid december -trade deadline.
so im guessing where would he go
here are few teams to look at.
1.New york- he could be the point guard there, plus dantoni system fits him well.
2.Phoenix- i doubt the warriors trade him there unless they get amare returns, but if they get desperate they could just trade him anywhere.
3.Chicago- wouldnt this be a dream come true bulls fans. rose and ellis in the same backcourt. two fast dudes running wild. this could happen if both man are willingy to swallow their pride and want to win.
4.Dallas-he could fill that spot. i doubt they want josh howard in return. hes like a mini version of stephen jackson.
5.Miami-why not ? him and wade can co-exist. ellis can run the point . i know they have chalmers but who you rather have?

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i dont think anyone wants

i dont think anyone wants his contract

1. makes too much money for NY
2. phoenix wouldnt trade amare for monta
3. i think the dream could true would be wade and rose
4. the have a small guard in terry already
5. dont think ellis is enough to make wade stay

i think they are pretty much stuck with him

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Miami could be a possibility

Miami could be a possibility if Wade leaves. Then they could try to get him to help ease the loss and him with a developed Beasley could be ok. Not good but ok.

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I like the idea of him going to Dallas, but Terry would have to be one of the guys coming back in the trade. I could see that being a logical deal especially if they can throw in Jackson. Dallas is more than willing to absorb contracts if it means winning. He's willing to overpay and over extend a guy like Kidd to do so.

I agree that the dream for Chicago would be Wade and Rose. Two hometown heroes. At this point in Ellis's career I really cannot say he is any better than Gordon and definitely not as clutch, so I'm sure Chicago would pass and take their chances on the 2010 free agency.

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What pride does Rose have to

What pride does Rose have to swallow? Monta has the issues.

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The Warriors should have voided that big contract of his the second that he had that moped accident... now they are stuck with him. I can't see any team making an even trade for him.

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Dallas Trade

Dallas seems to be a popular destination prediction. I acknowledged a trade idea in an earlier Ellis forum topic but here's what I'd suggest.

Ellis, Stephen Jackson, and Ronny Turiaf to Dallas for JJ Barea, Josh Howard, and Erick Dampier.

Ellis is an upgrade over Barea, no question. But for people that say why would Dallas want another small guard, there's that reason. Barea is no taller that 5'10'', but he's played along Kidd numerous times. Ellis would be great next to Jason Kidd. Ellis has no business being a team leader, so teamed along a veteran leader like Kidd would be very ideal.

Now Stephen Jackson. You can argue Josh Howard is a better player. Howard is more consistent shooting % wise, less turnover prone, and a better all-around defender. But with Dallas and the scorers they would have with Dirk Nowitzki, Shawn Marion, Jason Terry, and incoming Ellis, I favor Jackson's versatility as a passer. He's proven before coming off the bench, and he would be great with Terry running the 2nd string. (I'd see the starting lineup being Kidd, Ellis, Marion, Nowitzki, and Gooden)

Ronny Turiaf brings to the table less size than Dampier, but much more heart and intensity. He could be a Brandon Bass type of surprise, and start for the team.

So that's basically a win all around for Dallas. The trade proposal would have to be somewhat this way since Ellis and Jackson wanting to be traded downgrades their trade value. But for Golden State, they get a former all-star in Howard, and a fan favorite no matter where he goes in Barea. Plus Golden State fans can pull out their Dampier jerseys out again (Todd MacCulloch joke). In all seriousness, Howard and Barea have team options on the final year of their contracts. They could let those two players go in the off-season if it does not work out with them, while Dampier could be an expiring trading chip for the '10-'11 season. So if worse comes to worse, the Warriors could begin to revamp in the off-season with Curry, Randolph and Biedrins being the primary focus of the team.

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what about new orleans? they

what about new orleans? they could send peja stojakovitch, hilton armstrong, julian wright, morris peterson and a first round pick for monta ellis, ronny turiaf, and brandon wright

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Toronto ?

Toronto ?

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