training camp report from orlando

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training camp report from orlando

Wednesday afternoon practice report (with audio): Lineup decisions won't be made till last week of the preseason
posted by Josh Robbins on Sep 30, 2009 7:00:04 PM
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The Orlando Magic just completed a late-afternoon workout in which they focused on team defense and then broke off into separate groups to lift weights and shoot.

Coach Stan Van Gundy said he’s pleased with the team’s effort through the first two days of training camp.

"They’re tired," he said as he watched his players shoot on their practice floor at RDV Sportsplex. "They worked very hard again today when we spent our time on defense until this. They worked hard. They’ve done a great job through four practices in terms of effort and intensity and trying to do things. They’ve been long, hard days, and they’ve worked very, very hard."

Van Gundy said it’s too early to start evaluating players to determine who will be in the starting lineup in the season opener on Oct. 28. The reasoning is simple: The new players — and there are a lot of new players — are starting at a knowledge deficit.

"The guys who are more familiar with what we’re doing, it’s easier for them to play right now than the guys who are trying to learn a new system," Van Gundy said. "As far as competition for jobs, this is too early. I think as we get into the last week or so of [the preseason], those last three exhibitions and the last week of practice, that’s when decisions will be made. People should be pretty comfortable with what we’re doing. Right now, it’s about getting everybody feeling good about what they’re doing and playing together and learning our system."

Some other tidbits:

--Van Gundy told his players that they’ll have Friday off as long as they have two good practices tomorrow.

-- Dwight Howard stayed after practice to shoot free-throws, with Patrick Ewing feeding him the ball.

-- Yes, Vince Carter — the team’s starting shooting guard — did indeed play some point guard in this morning’s scrimmage. But there's no position change in the offing. It’s as simple as this: The team had three point guards and two scrimmage teams, so a fourth point guard was needed. Van Gundy also explained that Carter will serve as the team’s fourth-string point guard behind Jameer Nelson, Jason Williams and Anthony Johnson, just as Hedo Turkoglu was the emergency point guard last season. Playing Carter at the point in the preseason will prepare the team just in case it needs him at the position during the regular season.

-- Third-string center Adonal Foyle (sore knee) was the only player who didn't participate in the late-afternoon practice session. He could return as early as tomorrow. "He’s getting better," Van Gundy said. "He took an injection, and he’s slowly getting better. The inflammation’s going away. He’s done some work conditioning-wise with the trainers. So, it’s not like he’s sitting down. He’s just not at this point comfortable enough to handle the basketball part of it."

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Am I the only person who

Am I the only person who thinks Carter is an obvious upgrade over Turk?? He is just as good a passer, maybe a little behind on the 3pt range and he can get to the rim better than Turk.

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i know he will definitely

i know he will definitely give them more highlight plays lol

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He will kill the flow of the team offense, his style of play does not fit that well for the magic

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