Delonte West

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Delonte West

Apparently Delonte West skipped both of the Cav's practices yesterday. I'm trying to figure him out. I hate to say it but he may need help. I'm not sure what he's always depressed about but he keeps having with bouts with depression and mood disorders. On one side, I want to say it's a phase and he can help his medical condition. On the other side, carrying three guns, one of which was a loaded shotgun in a guitar case, is some foreal desperado type sh*&!


Dhamp...the greatest basketball mind in the world. Next to Hubie Brown anyway.

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I agree with DHamp, this guy

I agree with DHamp, this guy is a good basketball player and I would hate to see him end up dead or in jail because of some stuff that he can get treated. He needs to take some time off and meet with doctors and figure this out. I like Delonte alot being from Philly and watching him play at St.Joe's with Jameer Nelson, and hope he gets the help he needs.

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West aways says Snitchs get

West aways says Snitchs get sitches and he was about to give it to who ever lol. But on the other hand he's a above agv. player cause he plays both sides of the count.

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He could be a great PG

He could be a great PG somewhere. He just needs a playmaker with him. Someone like Wade or Kobe or even Melo would be ideal for Delonte to play with.

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i always liked him i wish he

i always liked him i wish he wasn't acting so screwed up i agree he needs hep.

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I actually like him better than Mo Williams, but again I also liked Mo Williams (Bucks and Jazz years) better than Mo Williams of last year even though he probably put up his best numbers. Oh well, maybe it's me. sounds like him skipping practice made you think that he needed help. Haha. I was pretty sure he needed it when I heard about the gun in the guitar case while he was riding a motorcycle. In all seriousness, he probably needs some time away from the game. Hopefully the team and organization stand behind him on this. Not sure what it's going to mean for his season. I thought there was a chance he would be used as a trade chip, but I don't see that being a possibility at all now. By the way, for those out there, the guy does have an illness. Lots of people that are not on their medications or have untreated illnesses do some bizarre things.

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