Good places to play ball in Germany

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Good places to play ball in Germany

Hey guys. Im from Miami, but am currently in Berlin and will be around Germany and the Netherlands (Amsterdam!) for another week or so and am kind of interested to see what they play ball like here.

Could anybody reccomend any Courts to me? Hopefully, none of my friends on this board would lead me into too bad of a neighborhood.

Also, Im a bit longing for a nice cheeseburger at an American sports bar for a change, as Im currently running off of pizza and beer and have been for quite some time.

Any stories are welcome as well, I would really just like to learn more about the area, and see how they play my favorite sport, so i look forward to hearing from you guys.

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When i was there I would play on the military bases. They have pretty good ball sometimes...

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Where did you play ball in

Where did you play ball in miami?

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So your in Germany and you

So your in Germany and you know the germans make good stuff. Well i don't know any courts there but Oktoberfest is on right now good way to meet people and find out

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