Vince Carter hasn't worked this hard in years

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Vince Carter hasn't worked this hard in years

Vince Carter hasn't worked this hard in years
posted by Tania Ganguli on Sep 29, 2009 10:29:05 AM
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One of Vince Carter's old teammates from Mainland High School told me a few months ago that he'd never seen Carter work as hard as he did this offseason. Carter was so excited to be back home, be with a championship contender, that he wanted to make sure he was ready.

Carter reiterated that at media day yesterday.

"I think what I would do in the summer normally had me ready to go each and every day," Carter said. "[I was] just going harder and harder and harder like I was a 25-year-old. They sat me down and told me, 'Hey just calm down take your time and progress and do what you normally do.'"

Carter, 32, was asked who these people telling him to back off a little were. He replied "everyone" then specified the strength coach.

One of the things that could work against the tendency to get complacent after a Finals appearance, is the number of guys on this team who are new and want to prove they belong in this Eastern Conference championship mix.

I noticed this in a lot of the new guys. Brandon Bass, for example, is one of the hardest workers on the team.

"We don’t have a shortage of guys that are willing to work," Magic GM Otis Smith said.

For Carter there's more to this.

"There’s some who say I still couldn’t do it," Carter said. "I’ve always been able to play my game. I might not beat anybody in a footrace, but I can still get to the basket."

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He know's the magic can win

He know's the magic can win it all, and he wants a ring. He's trying to do everything he can to get one for himself and the team.

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Why couldn't he do this in

Why couldn't he do this in Toronto?

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because he is only a player

because he is only a player who works hard when he know's he will get something in return. That may be a little harsh but i think it's true. He is a great player when motivated, and i definetley think he will be motivated this year to prove he is still a top player in the league, and he know's winning a championship will overshadow those years in Toronto when he gave about 75% effort. I really think Orlando might surprise everyone again and represent the East in the finals, but no way they beat LA

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Bosh vs Carter

Carter never wanted Bosh he wanted team
to trade the lotto pick for an established veteran
Kidd, Jefferson, Carter never worked out though
you need a dominant shotblocker (Duncan, Shaq, Garnett)
Bosh is all star scorer but
not dominant on defense
that's why raptors lost 49 games last year

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Him & Bosh

Vince and Bosh could have been great together but Vince had no patience at the time he was tired of getting bullied by all the other east teams.

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If he's motivated, the Magic

If he's motivated, the Magic have the title gift wrapped.

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Gift wrapped?? IDK about

Gift wrapped?? IDK about that. IMO, they dont even have the 2 seed gift wrapped. Who are they obviously better than?? Not the Cavs or the Celtics. They are a top 3 team. I can defiantly see them getting beat by the Celtics, Cavs, Lakers, and even the Spurs. They will be great but nothing is a given.

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if he would have worked this

if he would have worked this hard with the Nets they would have dominated he had all the talent and if he worked harder he could have been a mvp maybe and add in Kidd, Jefferson, and Martin all all start quality players they would have dominated the league for years. but too bad a lot of players save their working hard for the end of their careers when they want a ring.

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"If is a word should be taken out of the dictionary"
-----Air Jordan
if = mere speculation

IF shaq had stayed in shape he would have had 10 MVP rings
IF ben wallace had stayed in detroit...if Lebron gets a jumper

if=yaddah yaddah more often than not

"nothing is a given"----8thdeadlysin

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