Sorry Guys gotta go

10 o clock bed time 4 me.

Um, leave me a offer and I'll check when I get home or maybe 2morrow morning.

I like these guys

Jason Campbell
Ray Rice
Matt Ryan

any TE

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lol you won't trade rivers

lol you won't trade rivers though so idk what to tell you.

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Q- I sent you an
Q- I sent you an offer...check it out when u get a chance..give me some feedback if u don't like it.  
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rivers and keller for MJD, Collins, and Clark? LOL

One upgrade at QB for One upgrade at TE + a top 5 RB LOL

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However, going into the

However, going into the 2012-13 season, the question of whether or not the Thunder have improved enough to remain a championship contending team bears asking.

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“Gary’s the right guy to run

“Gary’s the right guy to run our basketball operations,” said Roeser. “I’ve worked with Gary for close to 20 years. Our roster, right now, reflects a lot of his views, not just from the additions we made this summer, but also in the last couple of years.”

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