Big question

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Big question

with yao out for the year, and tracy's situation...this looks to eliminate houston's chances of making the playoffs.

With s.jackson(GS) asking for a trade, ellis saying he wouldn't play in a backcourt with curry, does this look like a sign of a rebuild year?

My real question is actually about 09-10's west 8th seed spot.

I know it's hard to make an accurate assumption, but who is likely to make it now?

phoenix, okc, memphis?

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To answer most those questions lets rank the west teams in power rankings here is mine

1. La Lakers
They are the best team in league i believe only fisher is in question and i dont think that really matters as long as he is solid
2. Dallas
Going out on a limb here but last year Dallas always had a key player injured and i dont think people realize this. Dallas is a match waiting to be struck
Spurs will be great this year two but i betting on a series of injuries and even though i think they have gained good pieces i dont think they improved defense at all with loss of bowen
4. Portland
I feel Oden will do good this year and with Andre palymaking should be easier but i still don't think there much better then last year
5. Denver
Good team lost of pieces lost
6. Utah
Would put them above portland but with team chemistry problems and if Ak 47 doesn't play good then this is were they will be
7. Phoenix
Amare Domination
8. Okc
Would put CLippers here but they seem to always have the worst luck and if Durant puts up 30pg 5reb 5 ast Russel and Green has an improved year watch out

Who starts at C for okc?

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It may seem like Hou. is out

It may seem like Hou. is out of it, but what happens every year and every time we think that? Rick Adelman is one of the most underrated coaches in the NBA right now, his teams always play their hearts out and overachieve, so their lineup problems right now are irrevalant, sort-of, T-Mac is out the first 2 weeks at most, Arron Brooks is a nice young PG, Ariza is a good complimentary player, Battier and Scola are important pieces...........they should be fine

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I have been putting the

I have been putting the Clippers as the 8th seed. I put them over the suns, thunder, rockets, and Grizz. I think BDiddy will be inspired. Gordon and Griffin will supply a great young combo. Kaman, Camby, Jordan, and Thornton can all play.

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Kristic will start at C and

Kristic will start at C and depending on how Mullens go and develops he may start at around the all star break

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New Orleans and Phoenix will

New Orleans and Phoenix will round this out, there will be no gate crashers.

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i think OKC and Memphis have

i think OKC and Memphis have a good chance still young which will hurt them but their talented. Suns i dont know Nash isnt getting any younger.

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1. Lakers2. Spurs3/4

1. Lakers
2. Spurs
3/4 Blazers and Nuggets
5. Mavs
6. Utah
7. Hornets
8. Suns

just missed
rockets-they got lots of heart, but it cant be done with Yao or Tmac
Okc will definitely be there next year
Clippers will finish one game behind phoenix
Griz- too many 'ME' players.
Warriors- might not even have any players left. everybody wants out lol

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Re: LLperez

Dude, McGrady can't be cleared to practice until nov 23rd... might be mid december before we see him in a game (if his MRIs are negative). So I'd say it's possible for him to miss the entire 2009 calendar year, if he doesn't heal as planned

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Okc Center

Okc center is Nick Collison he is undersized but he is there best fit for rebounds down low at this moment he proved to be a good player last tear. 8th seed I still have Warriors,Okc, or Memphis. Even though there is turmoil in Golden State I still believe in them.

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