2k10 gameplay

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2k10 gameplay

just for everyone to kno sum gamestop stores are saling 2k now go out and check my brother brought one home last nite game is crazy

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If you go on youtube and

If you go on youtube and search 2K10 gameplay there is full games of Spurs vs Jazz and Balzers vs Nuggets.

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Unless your brother works at Gamestop or something it's impossible to get it until October 6th. I know that you can pre-order it, but I really don't know.

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A crap load of people have

A crap load of people have it already...kind of depends

All the gamestops have been shipped hundreds of copies and are strictly told to not put in on shelves until Oct6, alot of stores break the rules....

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Ricky rubio is in 2k10?wtf??

Ricky rubio is in 2k10?wtf?? I dont like that if that is true. anyone know the anwser?

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Im sure he is in it but will

Im sure he is in it but will be removed until he is in the NBA.

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Clark Kellogg is

Clark Kellogg is commentating AGAIN? Everybody, their mom and their oldest cousin requested that this guy not be in 2k10. All he did last year was steal Kenny Smith's lines and make them sound like he was reading off of a script.

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Oran Juice

LMAO I never knew who Oran "juice" jones was
but that "walking in the rain" line is a classic line I hear everywhere

never knew about this music video
Great classic hit I will remember this
very good music LOL
& the Humor at the end=instant classic :)

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They need to improve the AI.

They need to improve the AI. If Gasol has a wide open lane to the basket he should take a step and throw it down, not shoot a 5 foot jump hook.

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the only flaw with the 2k

the only flaw with the 2k series is that it's too easy to score inside and really difficult to get an open 3 pointer. look at this gameplay, all the baskets scored in the paint. unrealistic.

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