Trade idea... Want to hear some insight

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Trade idea... Want to hear some insight

Earlier somebody posted the idea that the Kings take a dive this year, and then try to draft John Wall in the 2010 Draft. Which would give them a backcourt of Wall and Evans/Martin. They also said that Martin would be a good trading piece since at that time he would be not a major part of the new look for the team.

This made me think of a possible but abstract scenario involving the Toronto Raptors.

Kings Get :
Marcus Banks - $ 4,553,793
Reggie Evans - $ 4,960,000
Patrick O'Bryant - $855,189

Raptors Get :
Kevin Martin - $9,680,170
Donte Green - $870,000

I put this into ESPN Trade Machine, and it was Successful.

My reasoning behind this would be to get rid of the 4 year contract of Martin's, and clearing up $9,000,000 in Cap space. The contracts of Reggie Evans and Marcus Banks are equal to Martin's and they are both half the time. Also the Kings would gain 3 solid bench players, all of which would be solid contributers to the respectable positions and not take away from the other talent on the current roster. As for the Raptors, they would gain Kevin Martin who would be a starter at the 2, and they could use DeMar DeRozan equally off the bench at both the 2 and 3. Giving him the time to grow into the threat at each and eventually take over in the starting rotation.

This is just a complete RANDOM trade idea, but I would like to hear what people think about this idea.

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don't like it

makes no sense! I don't think the kings are going to trade those to young pieces for a bunch of bench warmers. Donta greene is going into his second year, and kevin martin is their best player.

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No way. I lived in

No way. I lived in Sacramento and they have no problem with KMart or his contract. He is a young guy making a very reasonable 10 mill per year. That's not bad for a guy giving you 25 ppg. Why would they want to dump his contract for nothing even close to equal talent?

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Still Have Hope: Chris Bosh to the Bulls

To Bulls: Chris Bosh, Marcus Banks and Morris Peterson (Bosh's Friend)
To Raptors: David West, Brad Miller and a #1 Pick
To Hornets: Tyrus Thomas (Louisiana native) and Luol Deng (Peja's replacement at SF)

Chicago's New Lineup:

PG - Rose, SG - Hinrich (Hopefully Wade in 2010), SF - Salmons, PF - Bosh, C - Noah

Toronto's New Lineup:

PG - Calderon, SG - DeRozan, SF - Turkoglu, PF - West, C - Bargnani

New Orleans' New Lineup:

PG - Paul, SG - Thornton, SF - Deng, PF - Thomas, C - Okafor

I think this trade works, IF (and that's a BIG IF) Bosh wants to leave the Raptors. If the Bulls can get CB4, then they might have a better chance to steal Wade away from the Heat in 2010. That could make for a potential DYNASTY.

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ok again why trade kevin

ok again why trade kevin martin a known 25 ppg score who has a great fg% to build around an unknown evans... and i'm not to sure how a wall/evans back court works neither can shot no floor spacing and both need the ball in there hands

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