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There is 4 teams reported to be interested in Walker with a Non-G contract. How the only time he was good i mean really good a factor if u will was when he was on Boston. He was a beast there and even when he came back but he sucked on the Mavs, T-Wolves, Grizz and he was ight on the heats. Walker needs to go to a team that already has a team because he cant go to a team dats rebuilding cause he's only 33 and he plays like he's 40.

Let me know what u think people?

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I haven't heard about Walker's conditioning this summer, so it couldn't have gotten tremendously worse. Looking at the last 2-3 years, Walker's game shied away from point-forward, where he was successful in Dallas and Boston, having the ball in his hands in the half court set. That's where he was most effective. He couldn't guard a chair even in his Boston days, so... he won't be able to do any better with 10 more years on him. In these 10 years, the PF position has changed dramatically as 80% of starting PFs can consistently shoot from 18 feet and can put the ball on the floor once or twice and get to the hoop. There is no way that Walker can keep up with the likes of...not even Chris Bosh and Kevin Garnett. He won't even be able to keep up with guys like Darko, Channing Frye, Hakim Warrick, nor Troy Murphy. As we all know, if you can't play defense in this league, it is VERY hard to crack a roster unless you're an offensive wonder.

I doubt Walker has the quicks nor the post defense at 33 to defend anybody in the NBA (yes, pretty much everybody), and his supposed "play-making" skills aren't needed by any team in the NBA. Because of this, he better start looking for a job in the ACB or something.

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Why in the world would anyone want him? He was a horrible shooter, as well as a volume shooter. Bad decision maker. He wasn't a leader. Horrible defender. He was out of shape when he played. Hmm well he's a 6'9" guy that can handle the ball. I guess that was pretty awesome a few years back, but now there are a few more of those guys. I remember Miami winning a championship DESPITE having Walker on the team. I can see teams wanting to give him a look, but I don't see anyone wanting him.

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