Top 10 NBA Journeymen

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Top 10 NBA Journeymen

Being an NBA journeyman is pretty much hard. You transfer from one team to another... Leaving the place and friends you grow to love... But that's life in the NBA... Some teams want you, some teams don't and some teams aim for you to save money for the future. No matter how you look at it, being a journeyman is not easy. But it gives us one thought, as long as that player is in the NBA, he is already lucky compared to the aspiring ones in the D-League that never gets the call. SO being a journeyman is not a curse, it's a blessing... Not to mention the collection of jersey one will have on different teams. Here are my top 10 NBA Journeymen...

10. Ricky Davis- Get Buckets! That's his motto and playing to win is not his passion. He just wants to score, score and score... He has traveled well in the NBA playing for Miami, Charlotte, Cleveland (where he had his breakout year), Boston, Minnesota and currently with the Clippers. He has been known as a showboat and selfish that's why he bounced from one team to another.

9. Flip Murray- I thought scorers should be able to stay on one team but that's not the case on Flip Murray's career in the NBA. A tweener in his own right, Murray would turn on the scoring punch when needed the most and he did that throughout his 7-year career playing for the Bucks, Sonics, Cavaliers, Pistons, Pacers, Hawks and currently signed as a free agent by the Charlotte Bobcats hoping to cash in some scoring from him.

8. Anthony Johnson- The first D-League player to appear in the NBA Finals last year... Anthony Johnson provides spark off the bench whichever team he goes to. Guys like him are the NBA so to speak... Role players that work hard to stay in the league for a long time. He did just that by playing for the Kings, Hawks, Cavaliers, Nets, Pacers, Mavericks and then with a second stint with the Magic. He has provided the 3-point shooting for the team especially when guys like Jameer Nelson went out.

7. Juwan Howard- the one-time All-Star who teased his talent and skills with the Wizards was thought to be a perennial All-Star after showing his impressive skills and talent. However, he didn't resume his All-Star career as he went downslide quickly after being traded to Dallas where he fit in as a nice role player for the team. That started the trend of Howard bouncing from one team to another by playing for Denver, Orlando, Houston, Charlotte and currently with Portland.. But expect him to be a mere veteran presence off the bench much like Lindsey Hunter and Sam Cassell are doing lately.

6. Antonio Daniels- The 6'4 hyper-athletic Point Guard never became the player that many people expected. Being a 4th pick in a quite strong 1997 NBA Draft, he could have been better than any point guard there including Chauncey Billups. But he never did as he struggled to find his range and his game in the NBA despite serviceable numbers and a solid solid role as a back-up PG. Though he does show his slam dunk skills once in awhile to provide spark off the bench. He was drafted by the Vancouver Grizzlies and was traded soon after his rookie year to the Spurs, Blazers, Sonics, Wizards and the Hornets before ending up with the T'Wolves who might send him off to another team before the season starts.

5. Mike James- The thing I love about Mike is his ability to score. He does find ways to score, score and score that's why teams always look forward to having him on the floor whether coming off the bench or starting. When he came with the Wizards, I knew he was the one to provide what the team missed from Agent Zero though he isn't a 50 point scorer, he does torture opponents. That's why being undrafted don't matter to him after playing for, Miami, Boston, Detroit, Milwaukee, Houston, Toronto (his best scoring years), Minnesota and New Orleans before landing on the Wizards.

4. Rafer Alston- He owned one of my favorite nicknames of all... "Skip to my Lou" is one of New York's finest legends in streetball. What makes him cool is not just his awesome dribbling skills but also his scoring punch that every team would love to have. He played for Milwaukee, Toronto, Miami, Houston and recently with the Orlando Magic whom he helped reach the Finals. He is currently with the New Jersey Nets after being part of the VC trade.

3. Tim Thomas- Simply put, Tim Thomas could have been the "best player in the NBA" if he wants to. But the thing is, he never wanted to as he slipped from team to team and become just one of the role players in the league. The thing that made me dismayed about Tim Thomas is, he is good but could have been GREAT. He showed people that he can score 20 points without too much effort, what more if he does have effort? Right? That's why Scott Skiles didn't want him around with the Bulls because his laziness might rub off on some of the hardworking guys in the Bulls team. He has displayed his talent with the Philadelphi 76ers, Milwaukee Bucks, New York Knicks, Chicago Bulls which he was given a chance to play the second time this time with better PT, Phoenix Suns, LA Clippers and then back to NYK before traded to Chicago again. He signed as a free agent for the Dallas Mavericks.

2. Jim Jackson- As much as I love Jim Jackson, I didn't expect him to be a role player and a journeyman. I thought he was a stick to one type of player like a Michael Redd or something but he never did as he played on various teams like Dallas Mavericks (1992–1997)
New Jersey Nets (1997)
Philadelphia 76ers (1997–1998)
Golden State Warriors (1998)
Portland Trail Blazers (1999)
Atlanta Hawks (1999–2000)
Cleveland Cavaliers (2001)
Miami Heat (2001–2002)
Sacramento Kings (2002–2003)
Houston Rockets (2003–2004)
New Orleans Hornets (2004)
Phoenix Suns (2004–2006)
Los Angeles Lakers (2006)
You tell me is he a perfect journeyman or what?

1. Joe Smith- It's rare for a player to be a #1 pick and a journeyman but not for Joe Smith. He started great as a rookie living up to expectations but soon after, it faded. He became a mere role player for all teams that had him. Some say he's a bust but he did had a serviceable NBA Career including a 10,000 point and 7,000 rebound achievment. Though that's a scratch to what Kevin Garnett achieved. Joe is a consummate professional who love to play and provide his services when needed. I was personally excited to have him play alongside LeBron James because he could help the King in more ways than one. He ahs played with the Warriors, 76ers, T'Wolves, Pistons, Bucks, Nuggets, Bulls, Cavaliers, Thunder, back to the Cavs where he helped back King James and is currently on his 10th team, the Atlanta Hawks...

Journeymen are not that bad. They have different roles that will help teams one way or the other. Plus, they get to collect different jerseys..

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Larry H 0 yea u know i guy

Larry H 0 yea u know i guy who play's for the knicks or who doesnt play. He's jumped around from team to team because of health and that contact but when he is healthy he's a beast

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Great TOPIC DUDE.... Thomas

Great TOPIC DUDE.... Thomas had A GREAT FRESHMEN YEAR..MANY PEOPLE HAD MENTIONED him AS A TOP 3 PICK..he could do it All ...but he was never able to put it together...JIM JACKSON HAD few good years in DALLAS...HE could've made a few allstar teams...

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Steve smith is also another

Steve smith is also another journey man who played well in alot of places such as miami atlanta portland, spurs, hornets, bobcats and haet one more time

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Drew Gooden

I think Drew Gooden should get some consideration. Seems like he can never find a permanent home, but he plays hard, gives you 10 and 8 every night, and his offensive rebounding and post play will keep him the league for years to come.

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I know he was traded four

I know he was traded four times in less than two months lol, but Quentin Richardson looks like he's headed towards a career as a journeyman.

Clippers (2000 - 2004)
Suns (2004 - 2005)
Knicks (2005 - 2009)
Memphis (June 25, 2009 - July 17, 2009)
Clippers (July 17, 2009 - July 20, 2009)
Timberwolves (July 20, 2009 - August 13, 2009)
Heat (August 13, 2009 - Present)

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Ban Wallace hes been on a

Ban Wallace hes been on a lot of teams cant forget him.

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Ben Wallace has only been good on one team so i dont think that counts as a good journey man

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4 teams

thats not alot of teams most people been on more

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i got one
Definitely not considered a journeyman but Chauncey Billups has played for 5 teams in his career, the same amount as Ben Wallace and Drew Gooden.
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Donyell Marshall should be

Donyell Marshall should be somewhere on that list.

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