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Do you guys think if Carmelo keeps going @ the same pace he's a Hall of Famer?

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Yea, he will be. I think

Yea, he will be. I think he'll get in without a championship

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yes. He might never be an

yes. He might never be an mvp candidate, but if you are an all-star caliber player for an entire 12 year career, that's probably good for the HAll.

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He will get in, but a

He will get in, but a championship or even a MVP will just seal the deal.

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The 3rd Pick of the 2003 Draft

He'll get in. I just got my issue of SLAM through the mail and the cover of it was 'Melo. It's true what they say though, they had an interview with him in there and a nice article about him. It was saying how 'Melo is now underrated and under the radar, but early on everyone knew him because of the "Mini-Brawl" and other things he did that weren't the right things and now that he's matured and whatnot he isn't in the Media as much so he's flown under the radar...and this past year he didn't get as much credit because it was Billups or so the whole league potrayed it as that when Carmelo was just as important to the Nuggets and plenty of people forget they won 50 games before Billups was there too although their postseason success was way lower. Then again, being in the same Draft Class as Wade (Finals MVP) and LeBron (League MVP, One Finals Appearance) doesn't help his cause. He has been to the Playoffs every year, but it was all 1st Round Exits up until this past Season. I think 'Melo is a Hall of Famer if he keeps it up. Dude hasn't been an All-Star every year whether it be slow starts or injuries, but he is considered among the Leagues Best and probaly 2 Tiers below Kobe and LeBron and one below Wade, CP3, and whomever else you'd put in that class...I think he'll get in and he'll get his Ring, hopefully with him in the Driver's Seat leading, but I think if he keeps it up, it'll be hard to keep him out of the Hall. Dude is a beast at Offensive Rebounding and if he'd focus on that more then he'd be able to do it on a canstant basis. He is big, but he moves very quick at his size and is an Excellent Mid-Range Shooter although I'd like to see him Drive More, but I believe he'll develop that Killer Instinct as well within the next 2 years.

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yes he will be hes one of

yes he will be hes one of the best scorers in the game and hes improved his defense and playmaking he will make it.

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He better make it. He's is

He better make it. He's is one of the best scorers in the league and if he would focus more on his rebounding, i dont think it's crazy to say he could average a double double for a couple of season. I bet he wins atleast one championship and i think if he has a great year and the Nuggets have the best record for a season then he could cop the MVP

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Hes 2 tiers below Wade also

I love Melos game always have just so offensive swavvy showed in the Olympics also why he is one of the best players in the world. Honestly he will never be as good as Wade or Lebron but he will be consider a MVP 1 day I'm sure of it.

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