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Dantoni says he's the best shooter he's ever seen, believe him?

What are your expectations for Gallinari this season?

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I think he will get more burn this year if hes a great shooter like dat he cud play the 2 while Wilson plays the 3 but then again Hughes put up good numbers when he was givin burn at the shooting guard also.

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The boy's shooting stroke is

The boy's shooting stroke is nice, but we have to see it happen in the games.

I like him. He's 6' 10", tough, fundamentally sound and can shoot it. I have medium expectations for him this season considering he's returning from back surgery, but I'm sure New York fans have higher expectations considering they passed up Eric Gordon, Brook Lopez, Anthony Randolph and D.J. Augustine for him in the 2008 draft.

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Have dantoni already

Have dantoni already forgotten about steve nash?

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I bet he is going to put up around 8-10 points and 2 rebounds off the bench and hit about 40% of his 3's. I think he will be an offensive spark off the bench. Hopefully, he worked on his defense in the offseason, because if he is a liability he may not get as many minutes.

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he is playing for the Knicks

he is playing for the Knicks with D'ntoni and will not get minutes because of defense. That is new

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Yea, defense has been a

Yea, defense has been a liability for D'Antoni since he started coaching in the NBA. Gallinari actually tries and is more physical on D than most Euro guys, he wont be a liability. He will be a good player, I believe it. I think he'll be a starter for most of the season, he's a physically gifted player. Think Mike Miller when he played for Memphis.

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hes a good shooter but not

hes a good shooter but not the best. maybe for his size i think he can be like a smaller version of Dirk.

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i dont know if ya'll recall

i dont know if ya'll recall but D'antoni also said nikiloskivi was gonna be a all star also...

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Gallinari is

Gallinari is a great player when he plays he plays to win
he is the most active/scrappiest defender on NY with length (sad because he is real slow)

if not then who is? (PS Balkman doesn't play there anymore lol)

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