Marcus Landry

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Marcus Landry

Knicks just signed him, basically another invite to training camp....

that makes it...
7 guys that will compete for a NYK roster spot
Warren Carter
Joe Crawford
Ron Howard
Chris Hunter
Marcus Landry
Gabe Pruitt
Sun Yue

Anyway, I started this topic to ask about Marcus Landry, not to familiar with him..can anyone give me a brief summary of his game? comparisons? style of play? etc

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undersized pf with not much

undersized pf with not much of a perimeter game. fundimental player. doubt he makes the team

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Carl Landry's little

Carl Landry's little brother. He's undersized like Carl, but isn't as physical or as much of a banger. He's more a hustle player. He's a long shot to make the team.

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Gabe Pruitt is far and away

Gabe Pruitt is far and away the best out of any of these guys

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i see joe crawford making

i see joe crawford making not a gabe pruitt believer

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i've seen plenty of Yue,

i've seen plenty of Yue, Pruitt, and Crawford becasue they all played in Los Angeles. I think Crawford is the best right now, but with least potetnial. Yue is the worst right now, but with most potential. Pruitt is the best cobnation of both and has the best chance of making the roster.

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