Kobe Lebron debate

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i know i said lebron with

i know i said lebron with kobe skills would be unstoppable but dont get it twisted i already think kobe is the most unstopable player in the nba and i honestly think dwade is second. ya'll must admit though that lebron is missing that "it" thing that jordan and kobe cant quiet name what it is but you know kobe and jordan had it..that step on youre kneck when youre down and continue to put pressure on it..its not just scoring alot of points either

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"Killer Instinct is doing

"Killer Instinct is doing WHATEVER it takes to achieve a goal or finish off an opponent. Kobe Bryant has the most killer instinct that I've seen since Michael Jordan. He'll do whatever it takes to reach his goals and finish off his opponent. Having killer instinct is having the mentality/mindset to step on your opponent's throat and not let up." What happened when his team sucked? Did he loose it?

What about Duncan? His quiet demeanor, friendly persona, and soft spoken attitude should open him up to being ripped, but 4 championships can shut someone up.

No one has said HOW Lebron lacks it... "It"... It cant be because of performance because Lebron actually performance because as an individual he's played as well as anyone over his first 6 years. The fact that we're mentioning this guy in conversations regarding Kobe and Jordan. It cant be because of team achievements, because you can't make up for another guy missing shots.

Now some people would say, since he defers to his teammates, he doesnt have that killer instinct. From what I know about basketball, plenty of players that were know as assassins, namely Magic Johnson and Isiah Thomas, would defer to their teammates often, however because of their championship success, their choices to pass werent heavily scrutinized, not nearly to the level of Lebron. When he passed to a WIDE OPEN West he was berated like no-one I've ever seen for not jacking up a contested three.

From what I'm hearing, it has nothing to do with championships, it has to do with being selfish. It sounds like Iverson has it, and Sprewell had it, and Antoine Walker had it, and Marbury had it. The idea that no matter what the games like, at the end of the day, if I shoot it, its the best option.

Ugh, this conversation is going nowhere. He won't ever be given credit unless he wins a championship. I saw the same shit with Ewing, like Knicks fans were telling him to make up for all his teammates deficiencies by being even better.

PS: "It means LeBronwas built with a good body thing and muscular duh. Not that anyone else wasn't but it should be easier."
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LeBron LACKS "IT"?

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