The Pros and Cons of a Derrick Rose-Dwyane Wade combo

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The Pros and Cons of a Derrick Rose-Dwyane Wade combo

Every Bulls fan is salivating this coming 2010... The Bulls will have one of the biggest cap space during free agency and it what a timing for them to open up their cap space in the land of the 2010 Free Agency's Golden Class that features LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, Tracy McGrady and Amar'e Stoudemire... A lot of contracts will expire for the Bulls and it is almost certain that they will be big players come 2010 Free Agency... The ideal player that I think the Bulls will go for is hometown hero Dwyane Wade, the franchise of the Heat... The Flash... The 2006 Finals MVP during just his 3rd year in his career... The one who crosses over Baron Davis..blah blah... He just recently bought a home in Chicago but I hardly think that it means he would go to Chicago though... But with the Heat doing little business to satisfy their superstar, Wade could be packing his bags and go home to the Windy City.
A Derrick Rose-Dwyane Wade combo will be one of the most dangerous in the L. Or is it? Let's track down what could be the cons and pros of this possible combo come 2010 season.

Let start with the negative first because I don't want it to leave the impression that this tandem ain't going to work.
1. Both these guys have a suspect jumpshot which is likely to improve year after year. Wade has outstanding midrange game but he is no means a "Shooting" guard. He doesn't fire too much threes which means that when they needed to get a 3, he will not be the first option to shoot it. Neither is Rose who needs a little bit of adjustment for his shooting form. Though these guys can occasionally hit it when needed but most of the time, they're just not that reliable from the outside.

2. Both these guys need the ball to make themselves effective. Now you can't have 2 balls in a game. So in one play, Dwyane Wade has to make a play which may leave Derrick Rose hanging or vice-versa.

3. The future cap space... Are they enough to ake them long-term partners? Can the Bulls save money and make a good roster despite signing these two heavyweights?

4. With Wade not getting any younger and D-Rose still in his formative stage, the time to win a title is in their hands especially on Wade's because at 27, he is already reaching his peak and prime. The pressure is on Rose to help Wade achieve his goal which is to win a chapionship once again.

I defnitely think that this is the best combo the Bulls will ever have since the Jordan-Pippen era. Take note, that is IF this scenario happens....
1. Two players that never seems to hesitate to absorb contact. With this attitude, the defense should be worried. Yes, they should. Two guys playing the same way on the same court at the same time is a recipe for humiliation and devastation for the opponent. Wade has known for his sick dunks, crossovers and the ability to take it to the hoop. Derrick Rose is much the same but quicker and is a real point guard. I think it's safe to say that they resemble each other in terms of their game only that Wade is a scorer and Rose is a pass-first PG.

2. They are two players that always build confidence for their teammates. Even if you're Joakim Noah or Joel Anthony, they still trust you. Both these guys are unselfish though Wade does tend to score more while Rose could care less if he scores 2 or 10 as long as he is delivering his job as the Bulls' court general.

3. Dangerous players on the open floor... When these two running the break, just hope for the defender that he won't embarass himself because 80% chance of that scenario, he will be posterize by a Rose or Wade dunk. Both have tremendous speed and seem to be untouchable on the open floor.

4. Both are so athletic for their size. Derrick Rose is the prototype point guard of the NBA today along with his combination of skills, quickness, athleticism and court vision. Dwyane Wade is simply unstoppable no matter how you look at it. He is just a wonderful player to watch.

5. The Learning- Dwyane Wade will retire first but Derrick Rose will take his place and will learn a lot if DWade goes to Chicago. Dwyane has that firepower and insatiable hunger that Derrick Rose somewhat lacks for now.

6. Marketability- definitely Bulls fans will come to the United Center jampacked every night waiting for highlight reels that happens. It's like watching one of the greatest concerts of your life. Through that, Bulls will earn a lot in ticket sales and merchandises.

Overall, it is still a dream but it is a huge possibility. With Dwyane Wade possibly opting to test the FA waters, the Bulls will be the first team lining up on his doorstep. Whether this happens or not, thinking of a Rose-Wade combo is definitely a salivating moment for any Bulls fan...

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they would still need an

they would still need an offensive threat in the low post to be able to win a championship, but the trio of rose/wade/deng would be damn good

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Jordan and Pippin didn't

Jordan and Pippin didn't need an offensive threat in the low post to be able to win a championship...or 6 :p

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most athletic and exiting

most athletic and exiting backcourt in the league. if the bulls ever get any shooters they will get so many open shots because everyone is gona have to double wade and rose. step out on me? fine ill fly by you and dunk on your center. i hope this happens

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I see it happening, but yea,

I see it happening, but yea, to make a championship run they will need an offensive minded post man

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IDK i think Noah and Thomas

IDK i think Noah and Thomas are underrated.....If you add Wade to this roster, they CAN defnitely win a championship

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As a basketball fan I would

As a basketball fan I would love to see this happen. Just because both are guards, they don't need to be great shooters for this to work. They both have a slashing to the basket mentality, and of course, the shooting will come with time as you get older. Remember they play basketball for a living so you would expect them to get better at something like that.

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Wade can shoot

Wades jumper has gotten so much better its not suspect anymore its average and when hes on hes on but Rose and Wade combo I don't see any problems really. I think they will win a championship if they end up on the same team especially on that Bulls roster. Noah is so underrated idk about Tyrus but Noah is going to be a really good big in a couple of years. Besides if Rose n Wade are in the backcourt together they have Salmons to spread the floor more with his shooting and what he did in the playoffs against the Celtics I believe he'll be a big help.

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they would be a good fit. i

they would be a good fit. i agree they would need help down low though but even Noah could be the answer as a defenderr and rebounder because Thomas and Deng could be big scorers too.

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better watch out for miami

better watch out for miami who also will have one of if not the biggest cap room next summer

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i would love 2 see it,we know both r hard workers,& good guys,come home d-wade.make room 4 2 new statues at the united center

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is rose a hard worker?..i

is rose a hard worker?..i know he likes to have others do his hard work for

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