Mike Sweetney

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Mike Sweetney

Does anyone care about Mike Sweetney's possible comeback?? Apparently, he is going to be in camp with the Celtics. They said he was still fat but they would give him a try. Anyone think he can latch on wth them??

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A friend of mine is working at the place he is staying and says he is in decent shape. He has some skills, but he won't make the Celtics deep roster. He might play his way on to another team though.

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nope, maybe he can cathc on

nope, maybe he can cathc on with another squad, but i dont see that happenng either. He is way too fat and not athletic. Plus he isnt that good of a rebounder. He is essentially a very poor mans Glen Davis

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He was terrible when he

He was terrible when he played. Wont be in the NBA next season.

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um ya

Tubby will not be playing

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