Should Have It's Own League?

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Should Have It's Own League?

I was sitting on my computer just thinking about creative things to do that have to do with basketball online wise. I was thinking about fantasy leagues any how so many websites have them but they can be confusing and hard sometimes because you tend to forget like live drafts and people not being active with their teams and I was like why not start a fantasy league on this very site? The moderators of this site can make it less confusing by like assigning users on this site like random teams or teams of their choosing and they make trades as often as you want to but like CBA rules apply to certain moves and the moderators of this site have to approve the trades. This is just an idea for us people. It'll be fun but I need more ideas to make this succesful..?

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We already do

We already have a 20 man league on sorry

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yeah, I think the 20 team

yeah, I think the 20 team league on put together by gatorheels is probably the closest to a fantasy league as it will get.

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i like this idea if you can

i like this idea if you can get it together count me in

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count me in to

count me in to

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shoot !!

im in !!!!

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