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lets pretend you was the best high school prospect coming out your city. and you was getting scholarships from florida state, florida, south carloina, lsu. and during your senior season you had commited to play for south carloina to have a chance to start and play alot. after your senior season you enroll at south carloina. but during your freshmen season you put up some bad stats 8 ppg, 3 rebs ppg 2 assist ppg, then you get into some trouble in the offseason while you have sex with underage girl whos 17 and your 19. the cops also find alcohol and weed. now you been kick off the team plus expelled from having commited those acts on school's ground. the mother of the child decided not to press chrages which is a sign or relief for you. but the bad thing is you lost your scholarship, plus you really cant enter the nba because you played like shit. but after a year you get so together . your enroll at a community college there and your playing ball but you lost a step with your quickness cuz your kinda out of shape, your shot is kinda rusty. and still no d-1 schools are coming to knock on your door. so what you do.
A.)try to enter the draft B.)quit school and try to play ball overseas or some league like the nbdl.
C.)continue to stay in school and try to get your degree and hope some d-1 school will take notice and you be a walk on .

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school definitely you

school definitely you wouldn't make it in the nba and you wouldn't get your degree its definitely the smartest thing.

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