Have you ever noticed?

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Have you ever noticed?

That all Number one Draft Picks are either Centers or Really Super Athletic I mean Look at the last couple of draft Picks

2009Blake Griffin (Athletic)
2008 Derrick Rose (Athletic)
2007 Greg Oden (Center)
2006 Andrea Bargnani (Center)
2005 Andrew Bogut (Center)
2004 Dwight Howard (Center)
2003 LeBron James (Athletic)
2002 Yao Ming (Center)
2001 Kwame Brown (Center)
2000 Kenyon Martin (Athletic)
1999 Elton Brand (Athletic)
1998 Michael Olowokandi (Center)
1997 Tim Duncan (Center)
1996 Allen Iverson (Athletic)
1995 Joe Smith (Center)

Coiensedence or Planed. I am aware that its the hardest position to fill the center and athletism brings in fans but is it worth drafting that way??

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Elron Brand is not that

Elron Brand is not that athletic and he plays power forward.

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Not a coincidence since to

Not a coincidence since to be a #1 worthy player you need to be either a big man (quality big men are hard to find) or a extremely athletic player with potential (James, Iverson).

No one is going to draft a fundamentally sound non athletic player with the first pick.

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i disagree

I checked out and you are incorrect on those athletic selection that you posted.
For example, lebron James wasn't the most athletic of his class, Troy Bell was.

Please do your research next time.

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I don't think he means that

I don't think he means that they were the the most athletic in their class.Just one of the best athletes with the most potential

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No one

Yeah, no one who posted above said Lebron was the most athletic in that class, everyone who mentioned him just said he was "extremely athletic" or "Really Super Athletic"

Please read the posts next time.

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It has everything to do with

It has everything to do with upside. Tremendous athleticism or size can translate to a dominant player if they develop correctly. You don't see many small nonathletic players who are stars in the game today. Also, I don't know that Bargs or Joe Smith really count as centers since they tend to play the PF position.

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Elton Brand used to be very athletic. He was incredibly light on his feet for being so big and used to be a pretty explosive leaper who blocked a lot of shots.

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This thread ShamSucks. I

This thread ShamSucks. I mean, are you telling me the top pick has either been really tall or really athletic? No way.

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yeah i just know now he

yeah i just know now he didn't have the athleticism and speed to play in the Sixers style. i don't know much about his early career.

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