Mark Blount and the Timberwolves

I see that Mark Blount wants to be traded from the T-wolves because he wants to go to a team that will give him more playing time. He is due $7.9 mi this year, Who do you guys think we should trade him for?

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That's Easy

It's funny how a guy who never plays and never complains about playing desperately needs to get traded to get more playing time in a contract year. Anyways, I would trade him for a half eaten twinkie, a used toothbrush, 5 lego blocks, a one legged race horse, and a tub of lard. All things that are way more useful than him.

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that's easy

I'll give you a point , just cause I thought that was funny!

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funny !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! half

funny !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! half eaten twinkie

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Blount's value isn't his

Blount's value isn't his talent. It's his 7.9 mil expiring. Teams looking for big 2010 free agent signings could be interested.

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