Wasting Time

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Wasting Time

Who are some of the great players that are wasting their time with their current teams. What I mean, is who should cut their ties, and move on.


Dirk Nowitzki needs to find a superstar to play with so he can win a title. I dont think he can do it with the Mavs. He is getting older and his team is not getting better. They made some good moves this offseason but nothing that will put them in contention for the title. He could be great with a player like Lebron, Wade, Paul, or even young guys like Rose.

Who is the guy that you think needs to pack it up and move out?

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Monta Ellis

I think one of the best examples of this was Paul Gasol. He played for Memphis for I think around 8 years and even lead them to a couple playoff births. It was obvious he needed a change of scenery and via trade he found a great fit in LA. I think a lot of these guys stuck in bad situations need to be traded as opposed to signing huge contracts when they are free agents. Boston assembled the "Big 3" via trade and I think you need an organization willing to take the risk and trade for a big name. I think a player like Monta Ellis is wasting away in Golden State, he is healthy now and has a good amount of NBA experience at only 23 years old. He has established himself as a good player and I think Golden State would be open to trade offers this season. I think he could be a valuable asset to probable playoff teams like Chicago, Dallas, or even LA. I think Monta Ellis is wasting his talent with the Warriors.

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its Amare Stoutamire right

its Amare Stoutamire right now the Suns arent going anywhere and he needs to leave.

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i agree with bird amare is

i agree with bird amare is still good and the suns are goin nowhere for a long time so he should leave

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Well the hard thing is

Well the hard thing is paying two superstars like Dirk and Wade. Both command huge salaries.

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how about Deron williams, he

how about Deron williams, he is being held back in jerry sloans system and he could really excel in an up tempo, system, you cant honestly tell me the jazz will win the championship anytime soon, chris bosh needs to play on a team where somebody is better then him, he would be an amazing 2nd option but i dont think he is a true #1 option.

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He's not a great player, but

He's not a great player, but I think Michael Redd would be a hude addition to a contending team. *cough* Magic.

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yeah micheal reed could make

yeah micheal reed could make a team a contender...actually himn wit the jazz would give them a shot though i still think the lakers would beat them. i also thing dwill in another system like run and gun would put up unbelievable numbers..30 and 12 is not out of the question for him

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