Teams In Turmoil For The Next Decade

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Teams In Turmoil For The Next Decade

the teams that will dominate for the next decade topic got me started on this idea...

What teams are headed downhill for the next decade based on how things are looking now?

I gotta say the Spurs and Celtics

Tim Duncan is 33
Ginobli is 32
and Parker is 27
with a combined 27 years in the NBA
there all aging, and are beginning there "declines"
but the Spurs always somehow find a way to stay relevant with young talent (Mason, Hill, plus im hearing good thinks from D-League standouts Marcus Williams and Malik Hairston

and the Celtics...
Garnett is 33
Peirce is 31
and Allen is 34
with a combined 38 years in the league
similar to the Spurs, are all aging
But the front office always manages to get nice young talent, Perkins, Davis, Rondo

It'll be interesting to see how these teams function when there Big 3, become 3 Grandpas...

obviously there not gonna suck for the ENTIRE decade..but probably a good portion of it...

Who do you guys think will be the teams headed downhill for the next decade?

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I think Parker will keep the

I think Parker will keep the Spurs alive and I think they'll find another Star for him. Possibly sign someone this year in free agency with Ginoboli being a free agent. Um...Other teams? Pistons...I don't think Gordon and Stuckey will take them anywhere and Prince and Hamilton are aging. I don't know about any one else...maybe Rockets if they don't get Yao back and playing to his level

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The Miami Heat are in

The Miami Heat will be in serious trouble if they can't get D. Wade to re-sign next summer.

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i dont think the celtics

i dont think the celtics will be in that big of trouble, pierces 21 mill comes off the book in 10/11, garnetts 21 mill in 11/12, and allens 19 mill comes off next year, they have salary cap room each of the next 3 years becuz thers no way any of them could demand even half of that, and can bring in some fresh blood, i think phoenix is another team that can fall fast if there young players like clark, lopez, dont pan out, amares probaly gone this year, nash is here for 2 more declining years and grant hill is solid but on the bad side of 30

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i agree with rubio Spurs

i agree with rubio Spurs have some talent Parker could put up alot of points and as long as Popovich is coaching talent will come. i would add the Cavs if Lebron leaves they will be pretty bad going forward their an aging team.

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Golden State

My Warriors (but what else is new?) with the Stack Jack trade demands, Nellie not knowing how to use Randolph properly, Ellis questioning the team, and no sure fire plan, or owner for that matter, we could be in for another long decade...

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I think the Spurs have draft

I think the Spurs have draft day magic. They have been an elite team for the past decade and keep replenishing via draft. With late picks they got George Hill ( solid rookie year ) and a guy in Blair who was considered a top 20 pick in the mid 2nd. They are obviously stacking up for another deep run with the Jefferson and McDyess moves, but I agree with Rubio that Parker will keep the aging Spurs afloat until they can get a good young crew around him.
The Celts haven't really done the same. They are obviously an elite team this years, but I liken them to the 97-98 Bulls, I think after this season they get either get dismantled or age sets in and they lose their elite status and Boston ships one of the big 3 mid season to a contender in 2010-11

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Celtics will

Celtics will without a doubt. Spurs no because Parker and R.J. will be able to carry the team to the 7th or 8th seed at least when Duncan starts really wearing down.

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obviously the cavs if lebron

obviously the cavs if lebron does not resign

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I agree with clippers. If

I agree with clippers. If LBJ doesn't resign with the Cavs, they are in serious trouble.

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