grizzlies good enough for 8th seed?

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grizzlies good enough for 8th seed?

i've seen many mixed opinions on this site. i'm just going to ask if you think they're good enough to sneak into 8th seed this year?

PG - conely
SG - mayo
SF - gay
PF - randolph
C - gasol

bench - a.i, thabeet, arthur, carrol, young, williams, haddadi, hunter.

the grizzlies have 4 centers standing above 7 foot. gasol, thabeet, haddadi, hunter.

Arthur will be backing randolph and bring a great relief. Carrol should get some nice minutes behind gay and bring in the hustly and energy off the bench. Young is going to provide relief for mayo/gay. a great in between benchman.

i personally think having A.i off the bench will bring an immediate scoring impact and bring some leadership to this young bench as well. My question about my favorite team is... about consistency, growth, and moving the ball (assists).

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agree they should do better

agree they should do better their loaded with scoring but i dont know about their defense they have a lot of weak defenders.

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Talent-wise yes, but they

Talent-wise yes, but they dont have the defense, coaching or unselfishness to make it.

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They're a hard team to

They're a hard team to evaluate right now because they added to key veterans that will have to mesh witht the team. Thay can be really good and make the playoffs or not play together and struggle all year. Right now I'm guessing they are competitive, but like Iggy said, they don't play great defense or show much for unselfishness, so I'm guessing they miss the playoffs.

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PG - mayo SG - a.i SF -

PG - mayo
SG - a.i
SF - gay
PF - randolph
C - gasol

bench - conely, arthur, young, thabeet, carrol, williams, hunter, haddadi.

A I is not going to the bench and also Mayo was said to want to play point guard. Thabeet will get a few minutes but I am sure a vet like Hunter will back up Gasol and they may even play Randolph there.

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I think they're good enough

I think they're good enough for 8th. They have the talent, just need to work on the Chemistry and how much they want it..

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On paper

On paper, they are definitely good enough but just because I said on paper it necessarily translate to the actual run at the season... A team that is filled with a bunch of players that looks to score once they touch the ball? Best of Luck... But they defnitely have a chance...

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being brutally honest, there

being brutally honest, there going to be a complete disaster this season. they have 2 of the worst character guys as their 2 leading scorers, they have a million black holes on the team, they have the worst defense in the league, they are not a good mix in terms of how can chemistry develop, and they only play will one ball making it hard to satisfy all the egos on the team. i see them finishing 13th or 14th in the west, at best.

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Grizz big men are overrated

I'll take Clips to make the playoffs over them esp. if Baron Davis, Kaman are healthy.

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