I need an Insider

I need an insider to help out with the Rumor on ESPN.com about Stepehen Jackson getting traded. Where to and other details. I think the Warriors could get a valuable piece for him. Someone that could put them into the top 8 of the West.

Anyway, it would be awesome. Thanks.

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who do you think gs?

who do you think gs would trade jackson to? another west team? or back east?

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I know he has mentioned

I know he has mentioned wanting to play with LBJ or Al Harrington. I dont know if it would help either team or if they would do it, but I wouldnt mind seeing him play for the Mavs. Also, I would like to see Josh Howard play for the Warriors. Personally, i dont see him playing for for any of those 3 teams. IDK where he would go. Clippers?? He liked Barron. I have no clue.

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