the next 2010-2020 team of the decade?

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the next 2010-2020 team of the decade?

i kno its a bit early but the lakers/spur topic got me thinking
who will be the next francise to control a decade there are sum good picks out there
im pretty sure u all kno my pic but i would like to c what r u thinking

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idk. I think the Lakers

idk. I think the Lakers have a chanve to win atleast 3 more championships with their current team. Im not saying they will but they definetley have the capability too. Now, if Oden develops into the player everyone though he would, then i see the Blazers being able to win a few as well. I dont think we will see as many dynastys though as we used too. A bunch of teams can win the championship in the next decade. But i think the Lakers and Blazers will be the team for this decade. The lakers for right now, and once Kobe hangs em up i can see the blazers going on a nice run

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the Bulls possibly and the

the Bulls possibly and the Blazers and Thunder those are my teams i think the Bulls have Noah who is extremely underrated and i think Deng could be an All-Star and Thomas is good too.

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I say thunder and blazers if

I say thunder and blazers if everything go right they got some good young talent

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Realistically, its whichever

Realistically, its whichever team lands Lebron for the next decade. But thats a boring answer. So lets examine the other possibilities....

Top 3:

1a) Nets. They have the youth, the new ownership (new Brooklyn stadium in 2011 too because of this), and will attract free agents either this next year or the following. Also they have a plethora of draft picks in the next two years. They also have one of the top two center/point guard combinations in the league. If Lebron or Wade join this team in 2010 they will win many championships.

1b) OK Thunder. They have Kevin Durant and Westbrook. They also have two good rookies in Harden and BJ Mullens (BJ could be scary good, he is still very young). And they have an awesome devoted fan base. With the right defensive mindset this team can be amazingly dominate for the next decade. Or they could do what the Bulls have been doing for the last 10 years--underachieving. Oh but they have Kevin Durant. Did i mention Kevin Durant!? This guy is the only guy in the league right now who could potentially be better than Lebron---and who can potentially even be the best ever--its a stretch but who else can you say that about?

3) Portland Trailblazers. They have amazing leadership in Brandon Roy. Once they ditch the old man Miller (they will once they see he does nothing that Broy doesn't already do--but worse) and start surrounding Roy with some real talent they will be scary good. Also they have a loyal fan base which helps. Aldridge is a great bigman (an awesome problem match-up creator) but he may turn out to be a better third option than second option. Who is Greg Oden? Can he start to become the player we once thought would be rivaling Dwight Howard as this generations Shaq(s) 2.0? First things first, the trailblazers have to keep up the winning--the catch is they wont be bringing in any lottery picks for the meantime. Hopefully this is the group that realizes their potential or the front office will make some good trades. Even though they are the best team of the top 4 right now, I think they have the most questions about their future.

The next 3:

4) Orlando Magic. They really could be the most dominate team out of ALL these teams. Dwight could end up being utterly unstoppable-- a 7 foot version of Lebron-- but they wont be getting quality draft picks (unless they strike gold) and will only be able to attract free agents to surround Dwight soley with the prospect of playing beside him. Also Floridians dont pay income tax. Thats the difference of millions to some NBA stars. The ultimate prize is playing with Dwight and knowing that you can throw up any shot and theres a great chance Dwight grabs the offensive rebound. Its like playing with the one big man in a park pickup game--we all know what that's like.

5) LA Lakers. Yes they are old. But I realized, no matter how much I dislike Kobe, not to bet against him. This guy is an alien from planet matrixball. He might be slower but he is just as clever as ever. The next three years could very well belong to the Lakers. And who knows, they could find the next young stud to replace Kobe. My point is, the Lakers are never out of the equation.

6) SA Spurs. WHAT!!!!! How can I put the oldest team on this list of "future dominate teams"? I must be crazy right? No. The Spurs' front office is the hands down best front office in the league. They see talent and know how to make talent flourish playing alongside other winners. Duncan, Ginobili, and Parker could all be gone and I would still put the Spurs on this list.

The rest:

Look Chicago, you have an awesome point guard. He is sick. I love his game. But the front office is so bad that I have given up hope. Every two years since rookie Elton Brand, I have expected chicago will have their breakout season. While even though DRose might be the best player they have had since Jordan, I am spent. Man I would hate to be a die-hard Bulls fan and be let down year after year.

As of now, here are some other teams with bad management or ZERO spending flexibility (which matters more than you would think) :

no money: Hornets, Utah, Bucks, 76ers, Bobcats, Grizzlies

bad management: Grizzlies, Warriors, Hawks, Knicks (yes you Knicks.. no matter what changes you make I have zero faith anything will go your way in 2010)

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Ok...Portland, Thunder,

Ok...Portland, Thunder, whatever team gets LeBron and if Wade goes to Chi Town or another big star then Chicago. Lakers will only last for 2-3 more years. The Magic are young and have a possibility as long as Howard stays.

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Honorable Mention: The Clips

They have all the potential in the world to be a really good in the future. But, they need to get rid of Mike Dunleavy as the coach, get a new owner, and we need to find a PG for the future

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blazers lottery picks ???? those day r gone my friend !!!! hopefully 4 good and real talent we have talent
andre miller broy outlaw l.a greg joel rudy webster bayless batum and eveyone else very good team
the more flashy but not that flasy new spurs

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Warriors have a chance...IF they find a decent coach, IF Randolph, Biedrins, Curry, and Ellis can develop chemistry because they are the future, IF players like Azibuke and Morrow and Turiaf continue to contribute, IF they can find a better owner than Cohan/Rowell....that's ALOT of ifs though...

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lol im gonna pick the unpopular dark horse here

The LA Clippers...They have young talent w/ great upside at almost every posistion...they have a pretty good young back up point guard in Telfair...they still hold the rights to Greece big man Sofoklis 'Baby Shaq' Schortsanitis who has lost about forty pounds and has played really well in the Euro's! and there gonna have alot of cap space next year to sign someone...even more cap space if they can unload Kaman mid year

Will a big name free agent wanna play for the clips

Will they make the effort to lock up all there young talent for the future

Will Blake Griffin become the real deal

Will Dunleavy get the ax at some point and they end up going after a real coach(though i would keep Dunleavy around as GM...he's made some good moves)

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