Fizer's Take: Milwaukee Bucks

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Fizer's Take: Milwaukee Bucks

I'm not sure where to start. I think it's pretty safe to say that the Bucks will hit the lottery once again in this upcoming season... Why? I'll tell you later. Milwaukee is the last thing I want to write right now. I don't even recognize them as an NBA Team but for the fairness of everyone including Milwaukee fans, I am gonna write my take on this upcoming season for the struggling Bucks. I've missed the Ray Allen-Big Dog days and they haven't had that much success in a long long time. It's going to be tough for the Bucks to go all out this year because they have to consider their main guys' health. For one, Michael Redd has been out after playing 30-something games. After an impressive stint at the 2008 Olympics, Redd was invisible again after a season-ending knee injury hit him. Andrew Bogut had stress fracture on his back which likely ended his season last year. That left Richard Jefferson, Ramon Sessions and Charlie V to take over the team's needs. Though they did tease us with their 8th playoff spot in the middle of the season, they just couldn't make it consistent even with Coach Skiles at the helm. However, I am totally impressed with Luc Richard Mbah a Moute for one reason alone. He is a damn good defensive player. I remember he had one game where he torched for 19 points and 17 rebounds. That was cool. as for their lotto pick in Joe Alexander? Uhmmm... Not so much. He never had enough playing time to prove he was worth the 8th pick in which the Bucks invested in him. Hopefully they would give him more PT in this upcoming season. The shortcomings of the Bucks were expected since they aren't really the team that's going to make noise in the least for now.

In the 2009 NBA Draft, the Bucks had plenty of options and I mean plenty. They could have picked a wing player to replace the then-traded Richard Jefferson which means they lack that depth on that position. They could pick a player that could strengthen their backcourt and add more speed and leadership. They could add a big man that can help strengthen the front court who only has Bogut to rely on (Sorry, Gadzuric!). In the end, it all came down on selecting flashy Point Guard Brandon Jennings. It was a great roll of the dice for the Bucks who is in need of an upgrade should Ramon Sessions leave for another team (which he did). I am not a big fan of his cockiness but Jennings does have the quickness and skill to become an elite PG someday in the league. His jumpshot is suspect but so are many other point guards that do, Rajon Rondo, Derrick Rose...just to name some. Jodie Meeks can definitely provide scoring option off the bench for the team and is definitely a guy that can light it up when given the minutes. Though these players need time to develop but given patience, they will eventually be good players for this team and could prove to be quality picks for them.

The offseason department was kinda off from the front office as they decided to let go Richard Jefferson to the Spurs in exchange for old men. It was understandably for salary cap reasons and the team wants to undergo another round of rebuilding. The team alot acquired underrated acquisitions which they hoped would be for the better. One, they acquired Argentinian forward Carlos Delfino from the Raptors via free agency. This is a good deal since they badly needed someone like him. Two, they signed free agent Hakkim Warrick whom they hope would develop more than what he has shown with the Grizzlies. The Bucks won't make it to the playoffs and I can bet my ass on that. But they also have questions lingering on them... Will they ever land a player that can make them marketable? Can Andrew and Michael stay in shape for the rest of the season? Can they win more games than I actually predict? Well, we'll just have to see when the season starts....
BTW, scream on Andrew...make it louder!

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NBA Draft Grade: A-

NBA Offseason Grade: B-

Predicted W-L: 19-63

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top 3 pick

hope the buck get a top 3 pick 2 get ed davis or derrick favors
if jenning become great he'll need a partner 2 run the pick and role with and 2 toss ally opps 2 all that good stuff

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Marcus I have to disagree

Marcus I have to disagree with you man. Are you serious? 19 wins. The should be more healthy this year and I at least see 30 wins. They play in the East. They got some talented players though. Jodie Meeks looks like a second round steal. Jennings is better than people thought. A healthy Redd will help them win game. Also if Bogut can get more touches now and stay healthy, he is a top big man. Hakim Warrick is a nice role player same with Carlos Defina. Kurt Thomas is a solid veteran big. They have a nice team but not an playoff contender yet. 30 to 35 wins seem like a reality.

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I think 20-25 wins sounds

I think 20-25 wins sounds about right. I like Bogut, but he is not a star. Redd is a great scorer, but his health and effectiveness is in question coming into this year. Jennings, ALexander, Mbah a Moute, and Warrick are all expected to get big minutes and they are unproven in this league. THe bucks are gonna be in rebuilding mode and I think they will be in a contest for worst record in the league along with Minnesota and Sacramento.

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nice writing i agree the

nice writing i agree the needed to move and they havent.

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