What can tmac do?

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What can tmac do?

At this point what can tmac do to make the hall of fame?

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Win a championship or get

Win a championship or get past to the second round

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He is a borderline HOF

He is a borderline HOF player right now. He needs to have at least 3, maybe 4 productive years and try to win a ring. He probably should try to latch on with 1 team for the rest of his run. If thats the Rockets, that fine, if its somewhere else, thats ok too as long as they are 2nd or 3rd round playoff teams. He needs to prove he can win the big games.

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Well a good start would be

Well a good start would be scoring over 20 000 pts for his career, get over 5000 rebs and 4000 assists and those numbers will surely help, bt the most important one is to get at least past the first round, as long as they get that out of the voters head he can make a case, 7 time all star 2 time nba scoring champ, all nba 1st team twice 2nd team three times and 3rd team once, if he gets a championship he'll make it for sure.

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win a title that will push

win a title that will push him over im pretty sure.

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get healthy, atleast advance

get healthy, atleast advance past the 2nd round more than once, but it would be better for his legacy to win a championship, and remind us of the player he used to be. He needs to get back into that 23ppg range and 5-6 assts and 6-7rebs

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a ring or multiple nba

a ring or multiple nba finals would probably cover it considering his numbers. I mean AI should get in but only seen one finals appearance. They both have put up numbers but TMac has been hurt more

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What can TMac do?


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