NO SPURS FAN ALLOWED: Why is it that when the Spurs keep winning, we keep yawning?

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NO SPURS FAN ALLOWED: Why is it that when the Spurs keep winning, we keep yawning?

Don't get me wrong. Tim Duncan will be the greatest power forward to have ever laced up an NBA Shoe. But what is it with the Spurs that made them so better than a sleeping pill? 2007 Season was supposed to be a Dream season for me. LBJ coming out and dropped 48 against the Pistons and en route to an NBA Finals appearance only to have been swept by the Spurs. The 2003 Playoffs where the Spurs met with the Nets draw one of the lowest rating finals game in history. What's wrong with them? Why can't they make themselves more exciting instead of making NBA Fans like me sleeping?

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I guess they have been

I guess they have been winning by being mostly boring. Although I think they do have some exciting players in Tony Parker and Mau Ginobli.

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Personally love watching the

Personally love watching the Spurs and Tim Duncan and Tony Parker go to work. They play such good basketball, that theyre any purists dream. Pop is a great coach, and Timmy is a hall of fame caliber player.

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my grandpa is a BIG spurs fan, and since we order NBA League Pass, he needs to watch every single game that they play. which means I have to watch them too. as much as i dislike them, they're a great team under a great coach. and I can understand why people don't appreciate them as much as they deserve.

people like glamorous teams with the best player on the team being a flashy player who can make that crazy lay-up like dwyane wade, dunk on players like lebron, shoot a contested shot and get "all-net" like kobe. for the past decade, Tim Duncan has become the best player on his team and arguably the best power forward to ever play this game. But people classify his game as "boring", because he doesn't overpower players and dunk on them like Shaq did in his prime.

He's called Mr. Fundamental for a reason. His game is all about being patient on the low block and taking a hook shot or a series of other post-up moves. If the double team comes, he kicks it out to a permiter player for an easy 3. He prefers taking shots off the glass instead of "swishing" them because he says its easier for him to do. But to NBA fans, blank shots aren't as "glamorous" as making it "all-net".

Other factors they lead to people underapreciating the Spurs are that they are a slow-tempo team and use up most of the shot-clock before they get a shot off. And of course, they're also a very successful team, but they also play for one of the smallest market teams in the NBA.

again I really don't like to watch the Spurs at all (mostly because my grandpa makes me watch every game they play). but I think it's a shame how much people don't apreciate them and how good they've been. They may not be as glamorous as the Lakers, Suns, Magic, Cavs, etc., but ask any high school and college coach and most of them will tell you that if they could choose which team they would want their teams model themselves after, a majority of them would pick the Spurs.

They've been without a doubt the most successful NBA organization for the past decade.

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It's because they were young

It's because they were young people playing like old people. Now that they're actually old we'll enjoy it a lot more.

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Its not their job to keep you awake

Lebron James went off for 48 but the Pistons still didn't get the message and double him. What about the 2005 series the last 3 games were thrilling between the Spurs and Pistons. The series they played against the Lakers in 2004 was pretty good. Last I checked most of the Finals the Lakers have played have been pretty boring. Spurs can't help playing good defense and having a star player without a crazy ego or legal problems like the Lakers. The West Conf. has dominated and yes the Lakers are the bigger draw becaz of their history Shaq, Kobe and Phil.

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People dont like them

People dont like them because they dont have the flashy player. People also get sick of a team when they are dominant for so long (spurs have had a lot of national games the last few years). Remember when the Atlanta Braves made the playoffs for 13 straight years. Even their own fans stopped showing up for playoff games!!

I think they are a great team to watch because they move the ball so well.

Other teams play one-on-one or two man game. Spurs move the ball better than any other team in the league. That is why Bowen made all those corner threes.

Manu is one of my favorite players in the league and Parker is a unique player for his ability to get in the lane. The addition of Jefferson makes them more exciting for his dunking ability.

Oh yea Duncan is one of the top 10 players of all time.

If you appreciate great team basketball with players that play hard every night the Spurs are the team to watch.

I am a pistons fan by the way.

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I agree about Duncan being a

I agree about Duncan being a top 10 all time (8 or 9 probably). He's the epitome of "quiet" domination.

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I like how the one guy said

I like how the one guy said tim duncan is a hall of fame caliber player. you mean hes not a lock for the hall of fame already? well i know what you meant and to answer the posted question, the spurs are one of the best run organizations and they don't caree about being exciting because they are good. If you were in philly, or memphis or okc this year, would you go to a game if they played the way the spurs played. I doubt it. But you go to the spurs game because they win, and they get everyones best shot every time.

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Besides their style of play,

Besides their style of play, they also don't have any huge personalities. Not that the players aren't interesting, but they don't seem to be attention/sponsor whores.

Really, it's just that nothing about them generates attention or drama. Their uniforms aren't flashy, the city isn't flashy, the players, in general, aren't flashy, but they definitely get the job done. The only time people really talk about them is when they're doing poorly.

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as long as they have those

as long as they have those boring jerseys they will be like that and add in their slow style they play and the fact that Duncan is one of the most boring players ever.

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a combination of things.

a combination of things. Boring uniforms, no outgoing characters on the team, they play a half-court only game. They prefer lower scoring games. And as great as Duncan is, he really is not very exciting to watch imo. Like someone said, young basketball fans (like myself) enjoy watching the really skilled and athletic players like LeBron, Kobe, D Wade, Rose, CP3, Josh Smith, Dwight Howard, and guys like that. Duncan is the best power forward of all time, but also one of the most boring to watch

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