Darko's Last Chance

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Darko's Last Chance

Darko Milicic.Is this year his last chance? Read this article and let me know if you read it.
Your thoughts?

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Probably. If he cant succeed

Probably. If he cant succeed to some degree in a system that fits his game almost perfectly, than he will never get another chance. This year and the rest of his contract is 1000% important to his future in the L..

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man we still talking bout

man we still talking bout this guys...bust..if the candy man is a bust then this guy has to be since he hasnt come close to putting up candy man numbers and he has been on a couple different teams now

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I think it will do good with

I think it will do good with the Knicks. In this system his confidence should go up. He also fits a need for the Knicks.

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we all know hes a bust

we all know hes a bust already... but i think he can be a double double guy in this system if he gets the playing time... him and david lee should be pretty good...

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