who will win the championship first?

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who will win the championship first?


and when?

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i think

the order is

1. knicks
2. bobcats
3. grizzlies
4. thunder
5. wolves
6. clippers
7. nets
8. bucks
9. kings

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1. Thunder 2.Knicks 3.

1. Thunder
3. T'Wolves
4. Clippers
5. Grizzlies
7. Bobcats
8. Kings
9. Bucks

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right now, there is nothing

right now, there is nothing about the bobcats, grizzlies, wolves, bucks, or kings to make me even think about winning a title.

the nets, clippers and thunder all have some solid building foundations that can lead to titles, but again way too early to tell obviously.

The KNicks are a coin flip because it is all about what they do in the next off season and if they can land lebron. If so, then they are in the mix. If not, then they are no better then the other teams on this list.

As of right now, the clippers, thunder, and nets have the best building blocks to build a title team.

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Thunder, Clippers, Nets, and

Thunder, Clippers, Nets, and Grizzles have the best chances. Bucks have a Very Good Team and probably could've made some noise this year if Jefferson and Sessions stayed put with Bell, Redd, and Bogut. Oh and Charlie V. haha.
Wolves can be good when Rubio comes. ;) I don't have much hope for Kings nor Bobcats...although Bobcats have Augustin, Henderson, and Wallace while Kings have K-Mart, Evans, Haws/Thompson.

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Thunder: Best young core in

Thunder: Best young core in the league hands down. Kevin Durant is a future HOF and will cop a few MVP's and scoring titles in the process

Clippers: Griffin is the real deal, and i like Gordon and Deandre Jordan a great deal

Nets: They have a very good center in Brook Lopez and since the league is rail thin on good centers, the Nets will have an advantage in the low post almost every night. Devin Harris is a very good scoring point guard. Courtney Lee is a great defender and a solid offensive option. Terrence Williams is who I'm really excited about though. He will stuff the stat sheet every night, and will be one of those players who can be the best player on the floor without scoring a bunch. Although i do think he has potential to be a very good scorer.

Every one else on the list has no chance imo. Yeah thats including the Knicks. Get it in ur mind, LeBron isnt comin to NYK

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