Draft Class 08 Comparisons

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Draft Class 08 Comparisons

Now that we have seen most of these guys play, lets compare them to current NBA players. I remeber when we were talking about how great this draft class was and they lived up to it. I wanna know what these guys will be in 2 years. Who will their game most resemble in 2 years?? Im only going to do the first round. If you want to add some notable second rounders, be my guest.

1. Derrick Rose - Jason Kidd - Large, Do it all PG
2. Michael Beasley - Carmelo Anthony - Scoing foward who rebounds a little
3. OJ Mayo - Manu Ginobli - Scores all he wants while dominating the game
4. Russell Westbrook - Devin Harris - Great scorer w/o much range and super athletic ability + defence
5. Kevin Love - Rasheed Wallace - Scoring big man with range and physical rebounding
6. Danilo Gallinari - Peja Stojakovic - Large shooter
7. Eric Gordon - Ben Gordon - Small, quick guard who scores and scores
8. Joe Alexander - Shawn Marion - A all around player who will excell in the correct system + athleticism
9. DJ Augustin - Raymod Felton - Scoring PG who will be under the radar
10. Brook Lopez - Nene - Super efficent C who is not flashy but very efficent
11. Jerryd Bayless - Ben Gordon - A PG version of Ben Gordon
12. Jason Thompson - Troy Murphy - Efficent PF who is a key asset for any team
13. Brandon Rush - Andre Iguodala - Less atheltic AI
14. Anthony Randolph - Lamarcus Aldridge - Atheltic PF with some midrange game
15. Robin Lopez - Joel Pryzbilla - Defence, defence, defence
16. Marreese Speights - David West - Scoring PF who lacks some fire
17. Roy Hibbert - Chris Kaman - Kaman plus defence
18. JaVale McGee - Marcus Camby - Camby minus tenatious D.
19. JJ Hickson - Chuck Hayse - Small, strong, mean
20. Alexis Ajinca - Every other 7' bust
21. Ryan Anderson - Al Harrington - Harrington w/o character issues
22. Courtney Lee - Tony Allen - Great athelet who just cant go over the top
23. Kosta Koufos - Robert Swift - Wont do anything unless given a chance
24. Serge Ibaka - IDK
25. Nicolas Batum - Shane Battier - Battier w/o crazy defence
26. George Hill - Bobby Jackson - Great scoring PG with speed and a shot but not a starter becasue TP
27. Darrell Arthur - Kenyon Martin - Crazy rebounder and good defender
28. Donte Greene - Linas Kleiza - Scorer off the bench and maybe some rebounds
29. DJ White - Chuck Hayse - See above
30. JR Giddens - Quinton Ross - Use ya abilitiy to be a defender young man

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not 2 b a jerk

but your Comparisons suck the only 1 i agree on is robin lopez

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pretty good list

although i can name alot that i disagree on.

9. DJ Augustin - Felton isn't a really good comparision because 1) Felton has a stronger upper body and is quicker than Augustin 2) Augustin can shoot the 3 ball while Felton is inconsistent from beyond the 3.

my comparison: Mo Williams

10. Brook Lopez- Lopez is one of a few true starting centers in the NBA. Nene's true position is the poward forward, but moved to center when Camby left. Nene is more of a power player while Lopez is more finesse.

my comparison: this is hard because there aren't many true centers who are currently in the NBA right now. in general, the best comparison is Brad Daugherty, but if you're looking for current players, the best comparison is a more athletic Zydrunas Illgauskas.

12. Jason Thompson- Theres just no way you can compare Thompson to Troy Murphy. Murphy was the 2nd leading 3 point shooter in the NBA last year while Thompson didn't even make a 3 last year. But he can hit the 20 footer and he's pretty athletic too.

my comparison: Kenny Thomas/Udonis Haslem

18. JaVale McGee- i don't think he's another Marcus Camby because he by far more athletic than Camby ever was. And Camby has a "jumper" from 15 feet while McGee gets his point mostly from pick and rolls.

my comparison: Andrew Bynum

21. Ryan Anderson- theres just no way he's another Al Harrington, even with his work ethnic. Harrington is more versatile and a scorer, Anderson right now is a great shooting big man.

my comparison: Vladimir Radmanovic

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D.Rose- pg version of D.Wade
Beasley can rebound!
OJ Mayo-Arenas
WEstbrook-D.Wade(poor man's maybe, we will see)
Lopez-poor man's Tim Duncan
Randolph-potentially KG

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yeah how the hell is kevin

yeah how the hell is kevin love comparable to Rasheew Wallace????????

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I respect everyones

I respect everyones opinions. Afterall, these ate just my opinions. This was how I imagined their games in 2 years. Thanks for the responses!

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Beasley to Walker

I think Beasley reminds me of Antoine Walker. Big time scorer deceptively high rebounding numbers, decent 3 pointer, quick hands, but not a great defender and shoots a lot when put in the right position. I think Beasley's shot selection and BBall IQ is a little better, but I think they have very similar games.

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ones i disagree with. Rose

ones i disagree with.
Rose to Kidd:
their not identical at all Rose is a much better scorer while Kidd is the better rebounder, defender, and Playmaker.
Oj Mayo to Mano Ginoble:
Ginoble was good but he never was dominant once you forced him to his right he was stoppable and skill wise is nothing like Ginoble.
Lopez to Nene: well Nene is fkashy he is one of the hardest slamming dunkers in the league and isnt really under the radar and hes much more athletic than Lopez while Lopex has better post moves.
cant finish the rest now.

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there's a lot I disagree

there's a lot I disagree with, but the three that really stand out as innacurate are :

1-Ryan Andersen and Al Harrington.-Harrington is one of the best pf's in the league at creating off the dribble. He is basicaly a 6-10 sf. Andersen can not create off the dribble anywhere near like Al. He is a spot up shooter.

2-Anthony Randolph and LaMarcus Aldridge-These guys are comlete opposites. Aldridge has more of a typical back to the basket game where he backs his man down before usually settling for some kind of turn aorund jumper. He also like to spot up from 18 feet. Randolph is a face the basket athletic pf who likes to creat off the dribble. He rarely posts and shoots fadeaways. They are completley different.

3-Jason Thompson and Troy Murphy-Murphy is not that athletic, rarley attacks the basket is physically tough, and is best shooting 3's from the perimiter. Thompson is athletic, attacks the rim, is not that tough right now, and is still working on the 15 footer never mind the three. I have no idea where this comparison comes from.

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Hey guys. I know this may

Hey guys. I know this may be hard to believe, but I didnt post this. I am just saying this for further refrence. I let a freind get on and look at what you could do and let him post a topic. This does not sound like me. I disagree with about 80 percent of this list. I know it doesnt matter, I just dont want this to taint my name for future conversations. I have never been big on comparing players. I hope yall understand and dont start thinking Im some kind of idot because of this rediculus post.

Thanks guys.

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of course..

he didnt write this.. i almost believe that less than Derrick Rose = Jason Kidd lol

but i do kinda like ryan anderson to al harrington.. both big scorers with good range

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LOL u compared jason

LOL u compared jason thompson to troy murphy??? in what way do either of their games have ANY sort of similarity... murphy is an outside offensive threat and thompson shouldnt take a shot outside of 8 feet... thompson can also play way better interior defense..

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oj to mayo

"Oj Mayo to Mano Ginoble:
Ginoble was good but he never was dominant once you forced him to his right he was stoppable and skill wise is nothing like Ginoble."

this is wrong... all statistics show manu is equally effective going right or left, he may use his left to finish but the direction he attacks he has equal sucess rate and equal attempts...

"The San Antonio Spurs’ Manu Ginóbili is a statistical freak: he has no imbalance whatsoever in his game — there is no one way to play him that is better than another. He is equally efficient both off the dribble and off the pass, going left and right and from any spot on the floor."

straight outta the ny times

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Im serious. I didnt write

Im serious. I didnt write this. I have seen how one bad post can crusify a guy here. If any of you have talked with me, you know this isnt my style. Its cool if ya dont believe me though. If it was a huge deal, I would just delete the topic.

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