Which City Would Be the Best Place for the Next NBA Team?

I was wondering what people would think would be the perfect city for a next upcoming NBA team and why?

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great fan base, great city.

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seattle! i still cant

seattle! i still cant believe the got rid of the sonics... my second favorite team how could they do this to us? especially after we got durrant...

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idk. stern dont give about history. he just cares about that paper.

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brooklyn, they've been

brooklyn, they've been waiting long enough

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Las Vegas!

Las Vegas!

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anywhere money can be made

I think anywhere money can be made I am from chicago but live in vegas Las Vegas would probably be a good spot for like the first 2 years but if the team doesnt win the attendance will drop dramatically most of the people that live out here arent even from here so it will be kinda hard to support a local team i would only go when they played the bulls other than that i really wouldnt support the team and plus the city doesnt have the facilities to support an NBA team as of yet.

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history has shown

put a team anywhere and fans will go just ask the bobcats

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I'm not sure what the

I'm not sure what the Bobcats comment is implying.

I've always thought St. Louis or Kansas City could do a good job supporting an NBA team.

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Western Canada, it really

Western Canada, it really sucks having to fly to Toronto to watch a game.

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Vancouver needs their team

Vancouver needs their team back

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many cities

1) I would like the Clippers to move back to San Diego or Anaheim. Don't like two teams in LA and what's a home court advantage if you got to share your home court?

2) Pittsburg, Baltimore and St Louis are all great sports towns. They support their pro sports at all cost and deserve a pro basketball team.

3) I like to keep all of our teams in the US so bring Toronto down to one of the cities in example #2. Vancouver fans, you had your chance. But if you want to spread out of the US, I think Mexico City, Mexico would be a great place. With a population of over 8 million people (even more than NYC) there shouldn't be a problem selling tickets. Maybe also Puerto Rico. Only problems with the Latin countries are, they're more of a soccer and baseball area.

4) Bringing a team back to Seattle would be the most obvious answer. If they did it for Charlotte then why not them?

Just my opinion though, not written in stone.

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Seattle, St Louis,

Seattle, St Louis, Baltimore, Kansas City could all use a team

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I think Seattle, Kansas

I think Seattle, Kansas City, and Anaheim would be the top destinations.

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Las Vegas NV Seattle WA San

Las Vegas NV

Seattle WA

San Diego CA

Honolulu HI

St. Louis MO or Kansas City MO

Pittsburgh PA

San Juan (PR)

Hartford CT

Brooklyn NY

Also..Cleveland Cavs should move to Columbus and Cleveland should be leveled...It is the absolute worst city I have ever been too.

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Austin Tx of course. How

Austin Tx of course. How about Kansas City or Baltimore. I remember back in the Day both KC and Baltimore had real good NBA Teams. Still, I say give Austin Tx a try, I really don't like the Spurs.

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I agree with everything

I agree with everything darkman says, especially #2. Seattle's obvious, and Clips to San Diego or Vegas would be a good gamble, pun totally intended. But I think Pittsburgh would be a fantastic choice. They have one of the best fan bases in the country across the board, are already quite knowledgable on the game with the huge UPitt Panthers following, and have proven to support winners. Its a beautiful city, one of the real underrated cities in the US. Black and gold jersey's could be sweet. Kansas City, St Louis, Louisville, Baltimore are all viable options.

Puerto Rico would also be a great place, as basketball is probably more popular than soccer there by a bit, though baseball is and will always be king.

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Im thinkin Las Vegas, St

Im thinkin Las Vegas, St Louis, Seattle, maybe a 2nd New York team

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