can toney douglas be the knicks point guard of the future

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can toney douglas be the knicks point guard of the future

i know the knicks have been going after the likes of miller, sessions , even trying to pry rubio from the wolves. but what about doulgas. he has a good size , a good shooter, why not let him run the show and see if he can lead them right way.

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He is more of a change of

He is more of a change of pace to me...he doesnt seem like a guy that would run a team to me.

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Maybe in a few years

Watching him in summer league he kinda struck me as a TJ Ford kinda guy that just played too fast, sorta had a deer in the headlights approach to the game that really hurt his playmaking. If he can learn to curb the impulse to play 1000mph then he could really develop into a solid starting guard. He has a decent shot, is a lock down defender which i really like in a young player, and is pretty athletic. In my opinion he is in an awesome situation with the seven seconds or less offense to as it should really highlight his skill set.

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Can he play an NBA game

Can he play an NBA game first?

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thank you^^^

nobody understands that players arent at their peak during rookie summer league. all these kids are mad stupid on this site, people develop beyond their first couple summer league game.. its hard to even post on this site when every other response is stupid as &$#%#[email protected]!.. but i do think douglas could develop into a franchise pg, he scores when he needs to and drops dimes.. his d is lock too, i could see a career like andre miller.. tony is a more explosive player thou

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