Shaq: I Could Play Tight End For Browns

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Shaq: I Could Play Tight End For Browns

Sep 21, 2009 4:55 PM EST

Cavaliers center Shaquille O'Neal believes that he could line up as a tight end for the Browns and be effective.

The Orlando Sentinel asked O'Neal if he would play for the Browns next season if the team offered him a $5 million contract.

"Yes I would do it. Without a doubt," O'Neal replied.

The former Magic, Heat and Suns center added that he feels as though he could handle football's workout regimen.

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I'm thinking Linebacker.

QB-Delonte West
RB-Daniel Gibson
TE-JJ Hickson
G-Darnell Jackson
T-Zydrunas Ilgauskas
C-Leon Powe
DE-Christian Eyenga
DT-Anderson Varejao
OLB-Jamario Moon
CB-Anthony Parker
FS-Danny Green
SS-Mo Williams
K-Jawad Williams
P-Jawad Williams

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Eyenga at CB or WR...

Eyenga at CB or WR...

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Shaq'll be one hell of a

Shaq'll be one hell of a Tight End

Has good hands, hes 7'1, hes strong as hell, probably wont be too fats..but once he gets past the LBers, nobody in the secondary can take him down

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He is a ridiclous athlete and could probably be a pretty good player but everyone would just chop-block him to stop him. That would do so much damage to his knees.

Can you imagine if Shaq was on a Football players workout play. He would be 350 lbs of just pure muscle

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I remember he said he not

I remember he said he not that good at blocking but come on now he's huge and strong he should be decent at blocking.

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Artest at linebacker Iverson

Artest at linebacker Iverson played quarterback before, Rondo and Chalmers would be good corners.

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robinson was a cornerback too, and i think nic wise plays quarterback still... he is solid

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shaq would be a great

shaq would be a great defensive end or tight end, julius peppers was the small forward at UNC and is now a beast in the nfl

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I saw shaq run the 40 on his

I saw shaq run the 40 on his "vs" show, and I forget what his time was but it was like 6 seconds or something. Rothlisberger was laughing and making fun of him. He might not have the knees to hold up to an nfl season against guys who do that stuff all year round morning and night.

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Shaq got a 6 seconds? That must have been fake, no NBA player would possibly be THAT slow! Its hard to get 6 seconds.

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Shaq couldnt make it in the

Shaq couldnt make it in the NFL... stick to the NBA where noone is near his size.. There are some NFL dudes that will light his slow ass up... And its not like he can run over people, he has a very high center of gravity so people can get low and take him down easy.. His only benefit would be short yardage/goalline TE

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