Spurs to sign

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Spurs to sign

Keith Bogans to help fill the void on Bowen, but I thought Jefferson was an upgrade. haha. Thoughts?

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an upgrade offensively but

an upgrade offensively but not matching defensively.

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yeah and..

i mean ppl come off the bench just cause you get one player doesnt mean you dont need a back up and keith bogans is an above average role player imo..

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A good spot up shooter and a

A good spot up shooter and a good defender. He's a 4th or more than likely 5th option for a team, he will fill the void left by Bowen to the best of his ability which will probably be decent.

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when he first came in the league with the magic he was tough aggressive defender. then after a couple years he stop bringing that skill. and started to shoot too much. thats why we traded him instead of reddick. cuz we didnt need shooters. and we knew bogans was good on d. but he got lazy. anyway i think he will be a good fit on the spurs. because i think pop will use him right. he will only only him if he plays d.if he dont then he wont stay on the team.

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good move that Spurs bench

good move that Spurs bench is rock solid now and they add a defensive player that they need they already have enough offense.

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Good Move

I think it's one of those underrated moves that the Spurs and Rockets tend to make better than anyone else. I don't see how he is a fill in for Bowen though. He should give you good d though and I can see him as doing a lot of spot up shooting. I don't expect him to see tons of time, unless the Spurs consider doing more 3 guard lineups or unless Ginobli gets injured.

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