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anybody with espn insider wanna post what it says on espn about terrence williams?

i think its called rookie williams receiving heaps of praise


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It's from a few days ago, but here you go.

New Jersey Nets rookie Terrence Williams is receiving rave reviews from players and coaches during pre-training camp workouts.

"He's playing really well, a freak of nature athletically," Keyon Dooling told Dave D'Alessandro of The Star-Ledger Thursday. "In the moments I've watched, he's really unique. What you don't see from the great athletes is a high basketball IQ. But he has a nice floor game -- a really nice floor game."

"He's really good. I worked with him some, watched him some, and I'm very impressed," Nets coach Lawrence Frank said.

D'Alessandro concludes: "Nobody wants to christen any rookie as The Next Big Thing, but everyone else we spoke to claims that T-Will the Thrill has absolutely torn up the gym."

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Sounds like it could be another NJ steal. I think Rod Thorn has done a great job rebuilding that team. The team is set at their starting pg and center spot with two guys that are young, but productive. I think Lee is going to be a really good NBA starter. He showed a lot in his first year. Even though Yi hasn't done much, assuming he is the age that he was telling everyone he was when he was being drafted, I can see him being really effective if they can get a quality pf so they can move him to the bench. I think they have a solid core and they should have quite a bit of money to enable them to sign a superstar level player. The one thing that I think would have been really big for them would have been if they were going to be in Brooklyn for sure by 2010, but who knows what's going on with that.

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For what its worth, I was

For what its worth, I was always high on Terrence Williams, Thought he should of been the first wingman off the board on draf night

If he improves his scoring, he can develop into a player very similar to Andre Iguodala...he'll be competing with Courtney Lee, Jarvis Hayes, and CDR for playtime, so i'm not sure if he'll compete for ROY, but down the line he can be a very special player...and i think he will simply because his work ethic is rediculous

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Terrence Williams is my 2nd

Terrence Williams is my 2nd favorite player...I said during the season that he had all-star potential, him and Earl Clark, and everyone will see that. He is soooo much like Andre Iguodala its not even funny, the comparison between these 2 is the closest in the NBA in my opinion. There like.......twins separated at birth or something.

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Yeah I really like T-Will's

Yeah I really like T-Will's game as well and watched him since...Well I first heard about him on Louisville in like 6th/7th grade and I was like, "Hey I know a kid named Terrence Williams" so i left it on the game and watched him play...I'm now a Sophmore in Highschool and have always been high on him. He's a really good player who is good at alot of things.

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can't wait to see him play =)

can't wait to see him play =)

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Cant wait either

Especially on October 6th when NBA 2K10 comes out....

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I saw two of his games in

I saw two of his games in summer league with the scrapple. He looked like he had amazing athleticism and speed. He hustled hard and was a good ball handler who got into the lane really well. He looked better then I thought he would. But he shot some awful percentage and will have to really work on that. Plus he seemed to play a little out of control. I think he will be a key 6th man for Jersey this year and get some serious minutes.

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