LeBron To Fans: 'I Ain't Leaving'

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LeBron To Fans: 'I Ain't Leaving'

LeBron To Fans: 'I Ain't Leaving'

Sep 19, 2009 5:26 PM EST
LeBron James signed copies of his new book, "Shooting Stars" for fans in Cleveland on Friday.

Fans begged James to sign a contract extension with the Cavaliers, and one fan actually got the star to pledge his allegiance to the city.

"Don't leave us, man," one fan said as James autographed a copy of his book.

"I ain't leaving," James replied with a smile

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He has a house there... he's

He has a house there...

he's not spirit lol

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Come on

Get real. LeBron doesn't care about that one fan. LeBron's gonna leave or put the Cavs in debt. We'll just have to wait and see, but I think I'm correct on this one.

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haha he also had the Indians

haha he also had the Indians hat on instead of New York one

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i mean how else is he gona

i mean how else is he gona respond to that fan? "sorry man im out!"

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i think its a good sigh that

i think its a good sigh that he might be staying but there's still a good chance he will leave he hasn't said yet and we cant tell whats in his mind.

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Pointless to discuss this,

Pointless to discuss this, honestly..

I mean, DTay2152 said it best...what did you expect him to say "Sorry dude, but next year around this time...i'll be donning the orange and blue!"

No...Lebrons not stupid, well....if he stays in Cleveland he might be

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i can see if it was like a

i can see if it was like a little kid from the make a wish foundation.

lebron is going to be gone.

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Next Summer Lebron will

Next Summer Lebron will either be the most loved guy in sports or the most hated

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No one will hate LeBron even

No one will hate LeBron even if he does leave, i bet the TRUE fans that always followed him and know his story in Cle. would still support him. He is from Cle., he is a very cool guy, and his Cavs squad is the best they ever had.

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Honestly, I could not knock Lebron for staying in Cleveland just because that's home...well close enough to home. I can't knock him for leaving Cleveland either, because it's Cleveland. I'm not so sure New York is a smart move if he's wanting to win a championship. There is not going to be much talent there when he goes. I have a feeling that even if Nate and Lee sign for this year, that they won't be back the year after. So for the time being you are probably banking on Wilson Chandler, Lebron and Hill? Not too promising. I think the positives of that move would be him being in a bigger city and I can only imagine what his stats will look like surrounded by guys that can actually run with him and being in D'Antoni's offense.

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how would he put them in

how would he put them in debt when theyt can afford to give him a max contract and still pay everyone else?.

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he needs to stay in

he needs to stay in cleveland, his options are very limited with the decreasing salary cap. why would he go to a team like the knicks with no team around him and not enough to sign another top level free agent. maybe the cavs will surprise people and go after bosh or amare to compliment LeBron.

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