i just added Byron Leftwich

i think hes a steal. he has a good running game and good receviers and showed hes a good player in Pittsburgh i think he will be a solid quarterback. he did okay in the first game. what do you think?

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I was really close to

I was really close to picking him up, but decided against it. Didn't have anyone I really wanted to give up for him, also, I doubt I would start him over the QBs I have now. His schedule is pretty tough, with a game at the Bills, vs the Giants, at the Skins, at Eagles, vs Panthers, and vs the Patriots before his BYE.

I'm hoping Warner continues to play poor (has been since preseason) and Leinart takes over. Of course, who knows if Leinart is the real deal or not anyways. He looks good against backups and 3rd stringers in the preseason, but that is all we know.

But never hurts to have an extra QB in this league if you have the room.

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i neede him i think hes an

i neede him i think hes an upgrade over Mark Bulger hes getting the yards and the touchdowns will come.

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I was gonna add Bulger...but

I was gonna add Bulger...but i need to make a deal

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When the Cleveland Cavaliers

When the Cleveland Cavaliers played the Chicago Bulls in a preseason game this past weekend, Kyrie Irving finished the night with zero assists in 26 minutes of action. You know how many times he’s done that over the course of his short NBA career? Zero. Zero times.

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Taking a look at each NBA

Taking a look at each NBA players’ “True Shooting Percentage,” which takes into account field goals, free throws and three-point shots, we start to find a little more value in Harden. Last season he ranked fourth in the NBA, trailing only Tyson Chandler, Steve Novak and Manu Ginobili with a .660 TSP. The next chart down is number of wins added, where Harden (10.0) ranks third among shooting guards behind Dwyane Wade (12.8) and Kobe Bryant (12.7). Now we’re starting to see why Houston thinks Harden has a great deal more upside than he has shown in his first three seasons.

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But never hurts to have an

But never hurts to have an extra QB in this league if you have the room.

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