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underrated team
-david lee
-david west
-john salmons
-paul millsap

overrated team
-danny granger
-elton brand
-blake griffin (already)
-devin harris
-shawn marion

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Salmons is the only guy on

Salmons is the only guy on your underrated list I agree with. I think the rest are rated just fine and get their due credit. I mean west has been in all star games and Lee and Millsap were being mentioned as all stars.

As for overrated, Brand is the only I might agree with, and that's based entirely off the last couple years where he has been injured and hasn't done much when healthy. Griffin will be the real deal, Granger and Harris are legitimate all stars and Marion brings a lot of things to the table that go under appreciated. He was just overpaid not overrated imo.

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dude no way Marion is

dude no way Marion is overrated i think a lot of people have written him off if anything hes underrated. and Griffin isnt overrated he brings hustle skill and athletacism to the table he does everything right he isnt overrated.

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you cant even say

griffin is overrated.. youre nuts. and why are devin harris and danny granger up there.. you must be stupid or something.. and theres only 4 guys on the underrated "team"

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How much basketball do you watch bro?

First of all the overrated team. David Lee has trouble defending anyone whose stronger than him and has no outside game to speak of. David Wesi is offensively the opposite but very similar defensively (Better, but similar) Salmons is a poor mans Roy, but you may as well throw Josh Howard, or Gerald Wallace, or some other wing thats better but doesnt get enough publicity. Millsap is value for what he can do, no more, no less.

Now the overrated team. Danny Granger cant be overrated unless he's looked at as the best offensive player in the east. He's one of the best offensive players in the east, top 5 easily. Elton Brand is overlooked by a lot of people for reasons I dont know. All he does is put up 20 and 10 and 2 blocks. While he has been injured and looked lost in a new offense, you cant just write off the fact that for the past 8 years he's been a top 5 power forward, and thats exactly what a lot of people have done. (May have the most consistent midrange jumper of any big man.) Blake Griffin isnt overrated. He's done nothing but excel in all the opprotunities presented to him and he's one offensive move away from being a force in the league. Devin Harris maybe a little overrated because his skill set isnt rounded out, but he's a fantastic point guard whose a consistent jumper away from being consistently a top 5 point guard. And see the Elton Brand post for how I feel about Marion. Looked out of place in a new system, but still has been as consistent a producer in every facet of the game as the nba has seen over the last decade.

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