how will the knicks do

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how will the knicks do

i think 34-48

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I truly believe he's going to be good, but I see the Knicks having a season worst that that. After all if they get the first pick and get a playmaker like Wall, LeBron might wanna be part of it.

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its a rebuilding year their

its a rebuilding year their trying to develop young talent you cant expect even close to that many wins from them.

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seems reasonable. They've basically got the same team coming back with some more depth, and young players with potential. No stars at all, but D'Antoni should have them able to outscore a few teams. Gallinari is a talent, I just hope he can put it together. Same with Hill and Chandler. And with Nate and Lee back for at least a year, and a (surprising) void of off-season craziness. I expect the team to show some heart. Please.. show some heart...

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keep in mind m3 that the

keep in mind m3 that the knicks don't have a first rounder next year.

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I see them at around 37 to

I see them at around 37 to 43. They should be decent and outscore opponents enough to get that much. The league has gotten better all way around so it will be hard to say more.

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Their 2010 first round pick

Their 2010 First Round Pick goes to the Jazz unprotected so that means they have 0.5% chance of getting into the John Wall prize...

PS: why 0.5? well, who knows, Donnie Walsh can pull of a trade that can let them have a lotto pick... A long shot by the way...

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i see them being worst

i see them being worst ..maybe by someone said they basically have the same team which isnt a good thing when you consider they only won 32 games last year and just about every team in the west got better. the knicks have all there eggs in one basket with the free agents and if they dont get the first tier and just get the second tier they will improve but probably wont be no better then a 4 seed. im my opnion things dont look great in ny for the future although they look better then what it has been looking. if they were smart they would trade some of there players for some draft picks(and get back a lil something so the contracts match) for next year since they are rebuilding and the players in this comming years draft have the potenial to be better then most of the players they have now

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