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what ever happened to this dude.... KObe bryant learned his cross over from Mr. Shamgod..I used to be a big fan of Shamgod in college, and a friend and i were BS'ing around and his name came up.. He was pretty hyped at one time. Anyone know if hes doing big things overseas, or is he done for? Best ball handler i ever seen hands down.. he played at providence with Austin Croshere.

from SI VAULT, " "My baseline jumper, I got it from Oscar Robertson," he says. "Oscar liked to use his size against smaller players. That's what I try to do." From Earl (the Pearl) Monroe he realized how to "shake one way, then go back the other way." In Europe Kobe taught himself the fundamentals of basketball. Not until he returned to Philadelphia as an eighth-grader did he develop a crossover dribble and other street moves. "I learned all my dribbling moves from God Shammgod [at summer camps]," Bryant admits happily."

search him on youtube too many highlights on there...

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My take on Shammgod

God Shammgod was an undersized poor shooting point guard who entered the draft way earlier than he should of. He tried to capitalize off Providence's sweet 16 run. He may have had a shot if he would have stayed another year or two, but he was too small, not good enough a shooter, and after a year far down on the bench with Washington was out of the league. He had a sweet name, and really good handles, but he was not a complete player and I'm not surprised he didn't make it in the pros.

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i read in SLAM Magazine last

i read in SLAM Magazine last year that he is playing pro ball in China. And no, he isn't tearing it up

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I don't think he's going strong now, but he does have one of the best names.

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I remember Chris Webber

I remember Chris Webber saying Shammgod and JWill were the two best ball handlers he had ever seen and he couldn't pick who was better.

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