Can the Charlotte Bobcats make the playoffs?

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Can the Charlotte Bobcats make the playoffs?

Does Charlotte have a shot at the 8th seed in the East?  Just wanted to get some opinions on this.  Assuming they have this lineup below.  I think they will keep Felton (at least for one more season).  I am also hearing that Rashad McCants is going to be signed now.  

PG- Augustin/Felton

SG- McCants/Raja Bell/Gerald Henderson

SF- Gerald Wallace/Radmonovic

PF- Diaw/Derrick Brown 

C- Tyson Chandler/Diop/Mohammed/Ajinca

I'm not sure if that will be their exact depth chart but you can get the idea on what type of talent they have as a team.  Personally, I'm picking Charlotte to be the 8th seed assuming they do sign Felton & McCants.  I just think they have a good mix of defenders & scorers.  Plus they have pretty solid depth at every position.  I don't see any huge weak links. 

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I just don't see it. Every

I just don't see it. Every playoff team has a go-to scorer who can create his own shot and give u 25-30 points any given night. The Bobcats just don't have that. I was really dissapointed in their off-season. I thought that Iverson would've been a great addition and he would've given them the go-to scorer they desperatley need. Plus the east is much improved and i see teams like Washington and Toronto getting back in the playoffs. There just isn't any room for them.

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they have a chance, but I'm

they have a chance, but I'm not seeing it. Chandler would have to stay healthy for once, and Augustin and McCants would both have to step up big time for them to win half their games.

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Ha ha I know you said you

Ha ha I know you said you weren't sure if that'd be their exact depth chart, but I laughed when you had your boy McCants penciled in as the starting two guard! I think they'll be in competition for the 8th spot though. Like Llperez22 said... Chandler being healthy will have a lot to do with it.

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I don't see Mccants getting

I don't see Mccants getting a lot of time over Bell and Henderson

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i agree they wont make.

i agree they wont make. Wallaca is a good second option but hes not a number one option. and Chandler isnt that good he was made better by Paul and is still a bust, decent team but not a playoff team.

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Playoffs are within the

Playoffs are within the realm of possibility if they have no major injuries. Once they added Bell and Diaw, they were solid last year.

Issue: Lack of a go-to scorer

Possible solutions:

Under Larry Brown and WITH PF Boris Diaw, this team plays great team offense. Diaw is a unique player that creates matchup issues for opponents and creates scoring opportunities for his teammates without being a 20-point scorer himself.

DJ Augustin could improve from 12 points a game to 16 or even 18 for all we know. The rookie-to-sophomore improvement can be significant in NBA players.


Another point: Charlotte has been quietly collecting young players with length and athleticism to surround DJ Augustin. Gerald Henderson, Derrick Brown, and (if he signs) Rashad McCants have ridiculous wingspans and jumping-jack tendencies. Then toss in project Alexis Ajinca who has the most amazing length in recent memory. One of these specimens could emerge this season. Don't forget that McCants dropped 14 a night with 40% 3pt and 45% fg in only 27 minutes the season before last.

It will have to be a team effort on offense, and the team will have to rely on strong defensive abilities, but the playoffs are a possibility.

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I think they defniitely at

I think they defniitely at least have a chance to make it..They cause some matchups and could easily slide in as an 8th seed

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No, they don't have a

No, they don't have a superstar on the team.
Mostly a bunch of young guys who aren't proven, true not a lot of holes but none of their players are really special.
At least they got rid of Okafor's long term contract

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I dnt see them maing it.

I dont see them making it. They dn have any scorers on their team. And Tyson Chandler isn't going to have that big an impact, especially in terms of wins. He has no offensive ability outside of alley-oops. They arent a playoff team, too mediocre.

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