Keep the madness going!

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Keep the madness going!

2010 free agency is right around the corner so lets continue the madness!! Lets just go crazy here and say the top 5 available free agents all leave their current teams ( which will never ever happen) Please comment on where you think these players will go...

Joe Johnson

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what are the chances of all

what are the chances of all of the above names staying with their curent teams? what an anti-climax that would be.

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Granted Wade is originally from Chicago, but he bought a house there, and the Bulls didn't really try to replace Ben Gordon. If Wade leaves Miami, I bet it is to Chicago.

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There are A LOT of players

There are A LOT of players that are or could become free-agents in 2010. I think it's going to be a crazy summer and we're going to see a lot of players switching teams. Here's a link to an ESPN article of all the players that are or could potentially become free-agents in 2010:

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I think it's like a 90%

I think it's like a 90% chance of Wade leaving. He is a match made in heaven for the Bulls as well if there ever was one. From it being his hometown, to the Bulls lack of a late game closer and perimeter scorer, to him being a great compliment to Rose. And I dont believe Miami is making a good enough effort to build a contender to keep him

I see Lebron going to the Nets after this season, simply because I dont think they will win a title in Cleveland this year, but they are contenders so I wont sleep on them too much. But with the young core the Nets have, I feel that they are surprise season (from one of their young players) away fromt he playoffs, and with a Lebron on your team that make you an instant contender.

I think Bosh will stay put. Everyone thinks Turk was the big signing, and he probably is barring a breakout from Jack or Wright, but Jack was a signing that makes it easier to keep Bosh. He's a close friend and college teammate. And the team is moving in the right direction. Just seems like he'll sta because they will be a good team this year I believe...

I think Amare will be moved to New York before the trade deadline, I think Kerr's rebuilding the team and Amare has shown disinterest in being apart of it.

Joe Johnson will stay in Atlanta. Management will do everything in their power to keep him.

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Lebron - New Jersey Nets.

Lebron - New Jersey Nets. Jay-Z, Young Talent, Brooklyn! Why not?!
Wade - Chicago, Hometown, Rose, He'd be their missing piece.
Bosh - Toronto, They've put a team around him for long term
Amare - Suns, he is the face of their franchise and they'll realize it. Where else would he go?
Joe Johnson - Houston Rockets, McGrady will be out, Shooting Guard Empty, Playoff Team, Yao Back, Great Supporting Cast, in need of a scorer, Houston is a big city, marketing appeal with Yao.

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