Kevin Durant vs. Brandon Roy

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really enjoyed your podcast

really enjoyed your podcast bud. good job and points

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whoever thinks that Durant

whoever thinks that Durant is just a scorer doesn't know what they are talking about. 6rpg and 3apg in only his second year is pretty impressive. I see him eventually challenging LeBron for the best player in the game once Kobe retires. I thin Durant is the most complete scorer in recent memory and is going to continue to get better at rebounding, passing, and defense. I think this year his averages will be close to 28ppg, 8rpg, 4assts, 1 block, and 1 steal per game. This guy is a very complete player but people only pay attention to his scoring because he is so damn good at it

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i just dont see him

i just dont see him challenging lebrong due to the fact lebron is a physicall beast as well as a much better passer. they may eventually even out as far as scoring but if lebron gets a consitant jumper( very possible) then the gap widens. lebron is a walking triple double. durant will still become a great and complete player but lebron is just on a level unmatched as far as potenial.

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